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Off to the mountains

I’ve been battling bad health over the last 2 weeks and therefore, the lack of posts. My energy levels have been pretty low too, which is something I hate since I cannot do all the things I usually do. But there’s a silver lining to my dark clouds.

I’m off to the Himalayas for 2 weeks. Rest and relaxation is the mantra of my trip this time. No hard work. Just clean fresh air and loads of good food and chilling out.

The blog will be on a break till June 4th, when I get back. So expect some more silence. But equipped with my newest acquisition, a Nikon D70s, I will have loads of pics when I get back!

Mountain view


  1. Wow, I am jealous as I have never been there šŸ™‚

    Have a great trip and come back with lots of memories and photos.


  2. Arun Ramarathnam says

    You have a good break and come back rejuvenated. The call of the mountains is tough to resist. cheers

  3. Hey Anitha,
    Hope you feel better and ofcourse make sure you enjoy. I am in India, on a break as well and maybe we can meet in Bangalore sometime.

  4. scribbledthoughts says

    hi anita,

    enjoy ur trip and do take snaps of every place from rishikesh sanyasi’s to badrinath doliwala who carry elders to darshan temple.

    may be i will catch u somewhere in the himalayas as i am also on a personal trip.

    have a nice trip. be safe.

    waiting for june 4th to see the himalayas on screen

  5. Well, I’ve been visiting your blogs from sometime. Your site is really cool. Hope to see some more good stuff ande pics soon when you come back.

  6. Have a great trip…n do take lotsa pics n upload them here…esp around Dehradun(i guess u’ll most probably be crossing the city)

  7. Congratulations on the DIGI_SLR. With a DIGI-SLR you would be churning out those lovely pictures at a faster rate. Make sure you keep the camera away from the elements of nature.

  8. sudha says

    ur photoes are really wonderful.Hope to c u in future as i am impressed by ur creativity.Get well soon and have wonderful trip.

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  10. Hey,
    I recently stumbled upon your page….fell head over heels in love with your work.Keepon blogging babe….oh and btw..I’ve linked to your blog as well.
    Best of Luck

    p.s.if u have too much free time on your hand check my blog out as well..

  11. Hi…hope you are keeping well now…i came here through your other blog i.e. the indibloggers list…i tried to comment however was unable to do so…i would like to add my url to the list…my blog is (Scribblings is what i call it) n my name is Anubha a.k.a. Anz (in the blogosphere)

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