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Blog, take fotus, drive!

A quick update:

Five folks I know are in the running along with their partners:
Charu and Vamsi – Charu is a fellow travel blogger and always on the way somewhere or planning to!
Rohini and Tautik – An intrepid traveller couple who have covered 18,673 km across 20 states in 114 days in their Santro. Quite amazing!
Hrish and Nikki – Hrish is a power twitter user and an veteran of the Indian blogging scene. He’s live blogged from South Africa and when not tweeting/blogging also runs a documentary filmmaking company called Flaunge (it did all the videos for the TFN last year).
Santanu and Pamela – Another travel loving couple, they’ve been all over the place not just in India but in different parts of the world too! Check out the travel section on their blog that lists 93 posts from places around the world from Sweden, France, Greece, India and California to list few! Phew!
Kousik and Sumana: The couple on wheels – they’ve been everywhere I think! So crazy are they about travelling that they go to the Mysore Road Cafe Coffee day for their afternoon dose of coffee! Check out their travels here.

Best of luck folks! With all those heavy credentials, I’m quite glad I’m not in the fray ;-p

Meanwhile, Srinidhi, in his usual style writes a stinker 🙂 I must say I never actually thought so deeply about the whole self promotion angle. In his “mincing no words” way, he says: “It is a great PR exercise by Mitsubushi. Media publicity, publicity given by participants desparate for votes and google juice received through all those links (promoted to garner votes) is going to boost their online position.” I guess, that’s the other side of the story and that’s why we need people like him to bring in a dose of reality!

Thej sent me this link.

Seems interesting. And something that is totally up my alley. Can blog, can take photos, can drive!

But one small hitch. It’s only for couples so that pretty much rules me out unless I find a willing man (or woman) soon :-p

I see fellow blogger Charukesi there already. And a surprising number of enthusiastic couples!

Want to take part? The details are here.


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