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Back from the holidays…

I have been back for a week, but took some (more) time off to relax. I know my holiday was meant to do that, but with my health continuing to bother me, I needed a few extra days to recover.

I hate being out of sorts mainly because I have to put on hold the hundred things that I usually rush about doing. But as a friend of mine commented, when I complained about my lack of enthusiasm and lacklustre spirits over the last few weeks, “It’s good you did nothing for a change!”

Cottage in the hills
My abode in Manali for a few days.

And ‘nothing’ sums up exactly what I did! I lazed around and looked at the beautiful snow clad mountains everyday for 10 days. In Manali, I stayed in a little cottage right in the middle of a valley waking up to 360 degree views of mountains all around. Then in McLeodganj, Dharamsala where I headed in the hope of bumping into Richard Gere (no, not the Dalai Lama!), I took up room in a hotel overlooking the valley, so I could see both the market and the mountains from my window every day.

Smoking Hills
The scenic drive from Manali to Rohtang Pass…

I slept a lot. And I am actually not kidding when I say ‘a lot’! I went out for short walks during the day, came back to my room and slept some more. I also lost my appetite (the food on offer is amazingly varied) during this phase so instead of biting into hot momos, I went looking for crispy masala dosas instead and then overdosed on toasted bread and butter.

My last sunset at Mcleodganj, Dharamsala

While the rest of the gang went on the trek, I wandered around the place feeling totally out of work and lazy – a kind of holiday I very infrequently indulge in.

The rest of the gang, refreshed and tired after their trek, came back to Manali where I caught up with them again. Was I glad to see all of them, now several shades darker, but happier than ever before. I guess the mountain air, being back to nature and freezing cold does something strange to you!

Back to Delhi on the 31st May and we discovered the true meaning of HEAT : at 42 degrees. We were close to perishing when we discovered something else – air-conditioning and South Indian food at Saravana Bhavan.

In Mumbai, where we spent a day, it rained like crazy during the night. But during the day it cleared just enough so we could raid the all chappal shops on Linking Road. And then go on a rampage at a store called Cottons, where they had to literally throw us out because they were closing.

Back in Bangalore, it’s taken a while to get used to life again. I have been wallowing in that feeling that accosts you after weeks of doing nothing at all. Isn’t it always the hardest thing to get back ‘into’ things after a holiday?

Lapping it up: Kit Kit happy to be back to her rightful place 🙂


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