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Fast paced, clever dialogues, some brilliant star power (Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Clive Owen, you could watch the movie just for them!) and a bank robbery situation. I quite enjoyed Inside Man, which I watched last evening. The twists and turns keep you guessing and you’re not quite sure why the robbery is happening and whether it is a robbery at all. If you’re looking for wholesome evening entertainment, then this movie is worth watching.

The day before, I finally watched Da Vinci Code. I can understand why people might come away a little disappointed with the movie. I think it’s a tough task to come up with a movie that is equally thrilling as the book.

Also, if you haven’t read the book, some of the flash back sequences (Silas and the Bishop), Sophie’s childhood, the ritual she encounters, won’t make too much sense. Ron Howard gives it all he has, and comes up with a decent film. I’ve read some pretty harsh reviews, but I think a lot of critics react that way because of the impact the book had already created. I found it, if not anywhere as exciting as the book, reasonably well done. And Audrey Tatou had me impressed ever since I watched her in Amelie (what a movie!) and I thought she fitted quite well into the role of Sophie Neveau. So, while the book gets my vote, the movie is still worth a dekko, I’d say.

(PS: I got a phone call during Da Vinci from a friend and I smsd him saying I was watching a movie and I’d call back. He smsd back saying he had wanted to enquire about my health and that I had answered his question already! So yes, I am definitely much better, and on my way to 100% pretty soon! )

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  1. scribbledthoughts says

    Da Vinci Code
    for the people who read the book before watching movie

    – Their Dil Mange More…! Missing InsideHall

  2. the movie as such is fine and all the sequences map clearly. but the suspense and thrill in reading the buk is not found while watching the movie!!

  3. That’s really good news girl…
    you going back to your usual peppy, doing everything and anything self!

    To your good health! cheers



  4. Pavan says

    Hey its a gr8 flick but prior knowledge by reading the book gives a better feel of the movie… as many of the aspects arent covered in the movie… I”ve njoied it wat more

  5. I give the Code a thumbs down for completely wasting the talent and cuteness of Audrey Tautou. If nothing else, they could have gotten her to put those delectable lips to good use.

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