Located in the Annamalai range in Tamil Nadu, Valparai is a tiny hill station that is home to several tea estates and plantations.

We spent a lazy and green weekend in the first week of June enjoying the beauty of the place. Cyberscorpion had organized the accomodation in a bungalow, situated the middle of a tea garden.

how green!

We (Apra, Deepsan, Cyberscorpion, Reena and I) hired a vehicle so we could save the time in taking public transport as we only had two days to spare.

The view from here

The drive up 41 hairpin bends after Pollachi up to Valparai was beautiful and afforded some gorgeous views of the Aliyar reservoir, blue skies and the green hills around. We stopped for a while on the 9th bend and drank in the view.

Pacha Bungalow

The bungalow that was organized for us was a charming little place – it had a lovely garden with a swing, a patio and a dining room with lovely views of the tea gardens and the hills beyond. The weather too sided with us and we had loads of sunshine, intermittent with clouds and a light drizzle : just perfect for walking around.

We walked around, played badminton, lazed around, read, sketched, went looking for a mysterious tunnel, walked, ate mangoes and generally had ourselves a really nice weekend.

Just the walls remain

We left the place around 2 in the afternoon and reached Bangalore late on Sunday night. A quick trip where we covered around 1000 kms on the road, but enjoyable none the less.

My Valparai Album on Flickr
Reena’s Album
Deepsan : Words & Pictures
Cyberscorpion : Pictures

86 thoughts on “Valparai – Very, very green!

  1. Hey,
    These pics look amazing.. Can I have more info on the accomodation/rates.. Also how long does it take to reach Valparai?
    BTW is it the right season to visit this place? wudnt it be too hot in TamilNadu??

  2. your photo’s are absolutely breathtaking…..
    and so are the pictures taken by your trip mates.

    you also do a wonderful job capturing the beauty of some of these places.


  3. Awe-inspiring,:) no doubts the place is filled with beauty.You are awonderful photographer.My kind of place, n my next trip, :)thx a lot

  4. @ Travelers: thanks! the place we stayed was a private bungalow. but you can try http://www.valparai.com for more info about acco and hotels. it wasn’t hotter than bangalore. and it kept drizzling so the weather was largely pleasant!

    @ sukanya: thank you!

    @ mehak: rock star? haha 🙂 first time anyone’s called me that!

    @ Shantanu: thanks! glad you liked them!

    @ Paavani: yes, was a lovely green place!

    Born a libran: thank you!

    @ Libran: thanks! definitely worth a visit. not the usual holiday destination and quite off the beaten track.

  5. Hello!

    I would like to introduce myself as a travel writer based in Bangalore.

    Anita, your photographs were really amazing. It has truly brought out the beauty of Valparai.

    Incidentally, one of the options to stay in Valparai is the Briar Tea Bungalow’s hideaway there. One can check out their website at http://www.teabungalows.com

    With warm regards,

    Sanjay Sivadas

  6. Hey,

    Your pic reminds me of my college days. I have a friend in pollachi and we went to valparai once, long time ago.

    If you get a chance check out this place called kodiveri its in Erode dist. right accross the border into TN from Chamrajnagar. Nothing great but a beautiful checkdam and a little village…

    neways, enjoyed your pics as much as I enjoyed my trip there a loooooong time ago.


  7. Just chanced upon your blogsite. Really good. Interesting fact is that my Dad lived in Annamalai and Akkamalai tea gardens when he was working with a tea company there. Even I spend some first four years of my life there. Good to see the pictures.

  8. U lucky …..Gone in the perfect of the seasons to get the ever catchy Green Blanket of Earth, Lovely 9th bend snap – CyberScorpion shot the perfect of the 9th bend, but he seldom replies for the comment !! Well watch my space in couple of days for my Malaysian adventure and joy is doubled as I bought my first DSLR :-), so I will try to get good snaps like u !!

  9. Stunners to say the least. I was wonderin’ if Coorg’s the only green belt around b’lore.. thanks for the eye opener!

  10. Gopal M S: Ah! Not sure what Ooty used to look like before, but I can just imagine!

    Shek: thanks! i have a DSLR!

    Sanjay Sivadas: hello! thanks so much. and for the link! will try it the next time 🙂

    @ vasu: hey what you doing online the day before your wedding? ;0) glad it brought back memories!!

    @ Ashok: not sure what the green valley is, but it all looked green to me!

    @ Lalit: thanks!

    @ Chitra: thanks!

    @ Siddharth: wow! you lived there? lucky 🙂

    @ Invisible China: will do! and congrats on the DSLR.

    @ Apurv: there’s lots of green places in and around!

    @ Tanay: will get around to it sometime, hopefully!

  11. These pics are just amazing. I had added you in my blogroll loooooong back to visit you often, I would have just liked you, being a noted blogger, to check out my blog and review and gimme a feedback for any improvements if possible.

  12. Hi,

    Nice pics. Can you tell me the following things.
    1. How to go from Bangalore. (what is the distance?)
    2. Where did u stay and how to reserve it from bangalore?

  13. Hi
    Very beautiful place,would love to go there
    can u plz lemme know how far is it from b’lore and some guesthouse or hotel names
    thanks in advance

  14. Hi Superb photos, please do me a favour, get me the contact number of the bungalow where u had taken accomodation in valparai.

    Thanks and regards

  15. Hello,

    Pls could you tell me how to book the cottage? I plan to visit in December 2007. Awaiting your earliest response. Thanks!

    Mrs A Singh.

  16. Hello There,

    Congratulations on your wonderful trip to Valparai. I live in Bangalore and planning a trip to Valparai. Need some tips from you, Can I contact you?


  17. Indeed got hooked onto Valparai after going thro’ your lovely snaps. Yearning to visit it at the earliest. Shall be favoured if you can furnish me with further details viz reaching there, accommodation, scenic spots etc.

  18. Had been to valparai this weekend…….The place looks exactly as you see in the pics above. This is 100 times more beautiful than ooty or kodai. There are lot of lodges for accomodation. Among the most hotel green hill view and krishna lodge look decent from outside, I was not able to get the accomodation as it was totally booked, saw a lot fo cars, families out there, so it seemes to be a decent place for family too. I tried a lodge named JBR lodge, from outside it looked like a crap place, but the rooms were so neat, with ceramic walls, I would recomed this place, I saw even some families staying. I was charged Rs 120 for singel room although the double room with tv would cost you around Rs 220. There are some more lodges arround, the ranga lodge, myna lodge etc which i have not tried, the traiff would be mostly b/w Rs 75 to Rs 250. May be Krishna lodge and hotel grren hill view would be arround 500, im not sure. For food, one can go to Laksmi mess at the bustand. although its not a posh place, the food tastes great and its the most recommended place. I thought valparai would be a small remote village, but its quite bid, the bus will stop at the market road from which you could make out that the place is quite big.

    This not only for batchlors, but a perfect get away for family too.

    Except that the bus journey from pollachi to valparai takes 3 hrs and mostly crowded. If you are not lucky enough to get a less crowded bus, better hire a taxi (may be Rs 1500 one way). Because i had to do a standing journey for the entire 3 hrs strech, it was a pain.

    Once you are at valparai, commuting becomes easy and cheap(max Rs 8 per person, mostly Rs 3.50).

    I would suggeest you that, just catch hold of a less crowded bus to any destination/direction, take a ticket to the last stop and enjoy the journey. I swear it would be a feast to your eyes.

    If you need more info.. please feel free to mail me at praskuma@gmail.com


  19. Just pasting the reply i had send to a query….

    Places to stay in valparai….

    Hotel Green Hill: 04253 – 222262
    Also try Krishna Lodge: 04253 – 222234
    they both look clean….

    (you can book via phone)

    But other wise I stayed a lodge called GBR lodge….if you look at that from outside…..you wont even feel like getting in….but the room was pretty clean for me and got away with just 120 Rs per day 🙂


    May be you could enquire some of the bunglows if you are really looking for POSH PLACES….
    The STANMORE BUNGALOW is one such place….It might be very expensive unless your comapny is sponcering
    They will take care of all meals(i have read comments that the food is really good).

  20. Last month i went to valparai, it’s really a seventh heaven, only couple of decend hotels are there in valparai, i stayed in TREAT HOTEL (restaurant attached), i think this hotel is quite economic and the rooms are quite good, i enjoyed the stay here, they did all arrangements to visit the tourist spots in valparai.

    you can book via phone

    Treat hotel- 09443322981, 04253222381

  21. hi Anita,

    I am Debi from bangalore.

    great snaps. my heart is so stuck at “paccha bungalow” where you stayed and i am unable to find any details abt the same. is it ok, if you could send me the details at my email address at your convinence. in case its a trouble no issue.

    have a great day. Debi_bhowmick@rediffmail.com

  22. It’s absolutely breath taking. Beautiful shots. In fact I had read about this place in Bangalore Mirror newspaper on 25th august, 2008. I am planning to go to this place and was collecting information. Thanks for the information, would like to know more about accomodation, cost etc.


  23. Hi We(with my friends) are planning to visit Valparai at the end of next month. Hoping ahead for a good trip. Thanx for all these infos.

  24. Dear discerning travellers to valparai,

    we run an exclusive home stay service attached to one of the tea companies in Valparai. you are welcome to make bookings over phone. you may call +919487575703,+919486245345. please make your bookings well in advance as these facilities are always booked up.you may clarify any further queries over the phone

  25. Valparai is one of the most beautifull place i have seen in my life,it is not crowded as other place like ooty or kodaikanal, its a very peacefull place to enjoy, every one has to visit that place at least once in their life.
    I stayed in Treat hotel valparai they guided me for transport and visiting all good places of valparai,the hotel is pretty good and you can book by phone, here is the number and website that could help you in booking.

    Phone no- 09443322981

    Website- http://www.valparaitourism.com

  26. I have lived in valparai upto 10th std….a very very veryprecious day’s those are…really I love my birth palcevery much..I thank u to vsit such a beautiful place..n it’s my place…..

  27. hai

    we are arranging in a beautifull stay in valparai with good british bungalows and foods arranged contact : +919962014699


  28. Dear Krishnan,

    I am planning to come to Valparai on sept3rd morning, Can u arrange a good british bunglow for the stay.

    Total – 10 members(Bachelors)
    Vehicle – 2 cars.
    Duration – 2 days

    Can u please mail me with full details:
    email id – informsuni@gmail.com

    Please send me the tariffs also.
    More interested in Individual wood houses, British bunglows.

  29. Any one can give the contact numbers for Pachai bunglow.

    cyber scorpion & Anita bora over to you..!!!
    I am planning to go with my frnds on sept 3rd only few weeks left.

    Please help us, Call to my mobile if there is any tour operators trying to reach me,


    Cyber scorpion,

  30. Guys!

    Can somebody get me the phone number of GBR lodge at Valparai? I have been googling it for a while, but in vain.

    Thanks in advance!!


  31. pictures are very beautiful. thank you every one for your commands, because valparai is my birth place. thank you anitha

  32. Dear Friends,

    The natural is gift of god. So try to enjoy the nature without spoiling and detroying. Loe the Nature and spend it with your family and friends. Also advise everybody not to go for destruction of the nature.

    Thanking you,

    Yours lovingly friend,

    Singai Dhans.

  33. this is the first time i ever visited valparai and poii had worst experience. I called up one person named jebaraj joshwa and he had arranged stay at deepika’s guest house. He asked us to deposit meagre amount in his account. He confirmed the room rent to be Rs.3000/- per day and he said the cottage is in outskirts of valparai. We were given instructions to reach rotikadai and give deepika’s guest house a call. To our shock, guest house is 21 kms down valparai and the place was quite hot, a typical chennai as i would call. When we reached guest house another shock awaited us. We all settled down, one of the employee’s of the guest house informed the room to be 4000/-. I called Jebraj joshwa and he claims he has sent an email stating that the room rent is 4000/- per day and also never said the rent was 3000/- per ay. Employee of the lodge asked to vacat the lodge as we would not pay 4000/-. Finally after long talks he agreed for 3500/- per day. My point is dont get fooled by this middle men, please try to get in touch with owners of the lodge and confirm it.

  34. Hi Kamal
    Sorry for what happened to you, please don’t book the cottage through an individual who takes a lot of commission from you,I know about the cottage you are talking about, the actual tariff of that cottage is just 1500 rupees. So before booking see that everything it is a recognized hotel or cottage.

  35. Don’t book rooms through middle men you will end up spending a lot and they cheat you in the end. I experienced same as Kamal when i visited Valparai last time.

  36. Hi all, Valparai is not the same, there are decent places that have come up for staying. We offer package tours for families, groups, educational institutions and corporates. We specialize in outdoor adventure, trekking and tent camping, wildlife watching etc. You can checkout my albums in facebook id Frank Benjamin, thanks.

  37. HolidayInn- assures you the best home out of your home suited to your taste and budget.Situated in the heart of the tiny town,2kms away from Valparai bus station, HolidayInn offers you just the right kind of place to settle down for your holidays.

    Apart from the homely stay and food, HolidayInn also organises daily sight seeing trips deep into the jungles, trekking expeditions along the wild waterfalls and a drive around the mountain tea estates enjoying the pleasant climate.We also arrange outdoor meals for our guests along with the outing thereby letting our guests savour the flavour of nature as well.For further info call 09487094548/09344232575 (Mohd. Ali) and visit to http://valparaiholidayhome.com

  38. 8089281661 is ny number… v r planning a tour to valpari on on april 16 th 2011….. v need a home stay … pls can any one help us… ou budjet it low… also v r looking for a low budjet rooms or dormetries

  39. Anita,

    Could you please let me know the contact numbers or name of the bunglow you stayed?

    1. @rajesh: i went a long time ago and since it was through a friend, i didn’t keep the number. however, there are a lot of options in valparai now – do search online for bungalows and you should find something similar!

  40. Hi Rajesh, check out the property pics of Misty Creek Homestay, Valparai @ facebook, ID. FRANK BENJAMIN, mob# 9488876568

  41. Hi Iam from Cochin…I had a short visit to Vaalpaarai recently…Stayed in Misty Creek..Its ideally located, neat and clean and affordable option for all who intend to visit Vaalpaarai…and good service too…

    I enjoyed the stay there…

    Anyone interested may get in touch with Frank Benjamin @ 09488876568…

    I think this is the only decent place available in Vaalparai…I had some bad experiences earlier…

  42. Hi,
    I am planning a family trip to Valparai, can some body suggest me some best hotel / home stays in Valparai. It should be neat and clean and friendly with family and children.


  43. I with my family members totally 4 are planning to come Valparai. We want to stay there. Help me to get good accomatation in moderate rates & vegeterian foods hotels.

  44. Hi,

    Kindly give me the details of the above mentioned guest house midst of tea garden. Planning to have a vacation with my kids.


    Vijay Thilakaraj

  45. I am from Bangalore and planning to visit valparai in 2nd week of October 2013 with family for 2-3 days. Kindly let me few good cottages or bungalow for affordable price.


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