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Necessary Evil?

So in my whole friend circle, I know just one person who doesn’t possess a cell phone. One.

Over a period of time, we’ve grown so used to this handy device that life without it is quite difficult to imagine. I for one, would feel lost without one. I, especially find it useful when travelling – it’s so much more convenient than running around than find a phone booth that works!

I know that it was hardly a few years ago when cell phones were but novelties and we used to depend on landlines for communication. But within the space of a few years, this aspect of life has changed drastically. Today, it’s unimaginable not to have one.

In a way, not having a cell phone does have its advantages though. For example, when people said they’d meet you somewhere at an specified time, there was no option but to be there at that time. Whereas, today there’s the scope of calling, changing the time and cancelling even at the last minute!

And the other downside of the phone is that it can be quite an intrusion (especially from people wanting to offer you their free credit cards!), not to mention wrong numbers and crank calls. Also, people expect return calls immediately. I’ve often come across friends asking why I didn’t pick up their call. Or call back. Even if it wasn’t something important : that is not the point! The excuse we usually have these days is what if it’s something important and we feel obliged to pick up a call. But in the end, I think the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

So what do you feel? Is not having a cellphone a sign of not wanting to move with the times? Or just a personal preference that shouldn’t be a big deal?!


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