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Worst ad ever?

Or at least in a long, long time. I had a similar reaction when I saw the Pepsi campaign a few months ago, where they had lips on women’s navels that were mouthing the Pepsi theme. It was positively horrific. Later, they realised it and changed some bits of it.

I have a similar reaction to the current Pepsi TV campaign. Just as I thought they couldn’t get any worse.

So what were they thinking (again!)?

That we’re fools who will believe that we’re watching Pepsi TV if we drink Pepsi in front of the television? There’s only that far you can con us (dear, but misguided people who thought up this totally meaningless commercial).

They’ve used 3 big stars for the ad : Shahrukh, Kareena and Priyanka : meaning they’ve spent a few crores on it already. What a waste of resources! I know some guy at their ad agency probably thought on this bizarre concept in one of his creative flashes but it left me cold.

I’m not really fond of Pepsi but I’m off it forever after this really bad commercial.

Here’s another interesting take on some of India’s worst ads.


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