Or at least in a long, long time. I had a similar reaction when I saw the Pepsi campaign a few months ago, where they had lips on women’s navels that were mouthing the Pepsi theme. It was positively horrific. Later, they realised it and changed some bits of it.

I have a similar reaction to the current Pepsi TV campaign. Just as I thought they couldn’t get any worse.

So what were they thinking (again!)?

That we’re fools who will believe that we’re watching Pepsi TV if we drink Pepsi in front of the television? There’s only that far you can con us (dear, but misguided people who thought up this totally meaningless commercial).

They’ve used 3 big stars for the ad : Shahrukh, Kareena and Priyanka : meaning they’ve spent a few crores on it already. What a waste of resources! I know some guy at their ad agency probably thought on this bizarre concept in one of his creative flashes but it left me cold.

I’m not really fond of Pepsi but I’m off it forever after this really bad commercial.

Here’s another interesting take on some of India’s worst ads.

11 thoughts on “Worst ad ever?

  1. what about the annoying aishwarya rai coke bottle ad? she hams a lot and she looks positively anorexic. infact so annoying that you don’t know whether to hit her on the head with the aforementioned bottle…or feed her some alu parathas with extra ghee because she looks so thin.

  2. That day, we stopped in highway for a cool drink break. I mused to my wife, if I spend 10 rupees for a pepsi (or coke), 2 rupees will be taken by Tendulkar, 2 rupees by SRK, 2 rupees by other filmstars and 2 rupees by rest of the Indian cricket team.

    Question is, do they deserve my money?

    We agreed: “no”. So we went to tender coconut vendor sitting outside the cool drink shop.

  3. Coke isnt far behind. If you doubt it, watch their latest “Taste the thunder” campaign. I havent seen anything as literal since an intern in our group sketched a ruler as icon for “rule settings”!

  4. aqua: that one’s pretty bad also. but the pepsi one beats it high and dry 🙂

    kousik: a wise decision, methinks!

    jace: you’ve never seen it on tv?!

    sinoj: i liked their original taste their thunder series, a few years ago. haven’t seen the more recent ones…

  5. Hmmm…actually the lips talking ad of Pepsi (Oye Bubbly) was one of the best liked commercials of last year. Each time I spoke to people about advertising they liked (and I speak to a lot of them during the course of my work), this ad would come up. Women and children especially. So maybe there is something here we are missing.

  6. Well sometimes I wonder are the ads ever linked to the product itself what was the ad creator thinking and you know what he is thinking our commercial janta who are so flummoxed on the glitter and glamour. And the stars are just the gate to that; come to think of it all; only half the ads ever make sense and only few talk about the product itself; while the rest try to seek attention by whicever way possible!

    kousik: I prefer that too

  7. I completely agree. Also, have you noticed taht in the latest 7-up ad, they are promoting the shape of the bottle more than the product. It’s pits 🙂

  8. Anybody from Bangalore?
    If you are, you must have heard the ad of a bike service centre which is often played on Radio City.
    For those who are unlucky enough to have missed it, here’s a small description:
    A guy and a girl go to a bike service cnetre which has a longue area and a really friendly superviser!!
    The guy is so impressed by the place and so happy at the end of the service that he actually asks the girl to marry him !!!
    And the girl says “I keep wondering if its me or the bike service……”

    How do you like that!!!!!

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