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What’s in a name?!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a baby daughter. Okay, that’s not so surprising. It was expected after all. But what I can’t understand is their choice of name.

Celebrities seem to be intent on giving their kids the strangest names so that they have a tough time in school and while growing up. Or maybe they do it so their kids really stand out!

For example, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple. Of all the names in the world, why would you choose a fruit? (According to a new report, Gwyneth has a friend called Plum and therein lies her penchant for fruit names.)

Julia Roberts has named her twins Hazel & Phinnaeus. Lord, do we even want to try pronouncing the second one?

David Bowie’s son? Easy! Zowie Bowie!!

Bob Geldof’s daughters with Paula Yates go by Peaches and Fifi Trixiebelle and Tiger Lily Heavenly Hirani. You almost begin to appreciate Apple now šŸ™‚

Coming back to Tom Cruise who has named his daughter Suri. I just hope that she doesn’t come to India someday, because it’s going to sound like she’s got two surnames with no name!


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