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Morning at Majestic

Someone caught in the reflection of a mirror

A couple of weekends ago, one early and not so bright morning Lavannya, Sabir, Vasu, Anu and I packed our photography equipment and went to the Majestic bus station, City Market and Tipu Sultan’s Palace.

We roamed around the busy bus station, the crowded Sunday bazaar (where you can buy almost everything!). Piles and piles of what seems like junk everywhere. At least that’s what it looks like. On closer inspection, it turned out to be useful stuff like nuts, bolts, screw drivers, mirrors, old cameras and stuff you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Vasu even picked up some Tamil movie cassettes at a bargain price!

We then went to Tipu Sultan’s Palace (my first visit). It’s quite a grand name for a smallish structure, but interesting, never the less. I was more fascinated by the temple in the Palace compounds.

The rays of the evening sun filtering through a bare tree. This is in the compound of Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Some pictures from that morning in this Market Scenes album.


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