Five women.

One got the wine all the way from France. And guzzled it like it was going out of style. We helped too, I must add.

One took a break from few months old baby and guzzled the vodka like that was going out of style.

One got us caramel custard, which we polished off quickly. And had to keep assuring her fiancé that she was only having some girlie fun…

One taught us some really cool Coorg dance steps. We will soon be testing them at some fancy nightclub in town.

And me? I was just happy that I had 4 lovely women for company and conversation.

What happens when you put five women together with a few bottles of good wine?

Ah, we shall, leave that to your imagination.

After hectic email exchanges and discussions, we decided to have a cosy gals only night at my place on Saturday evening. And what ‘absolut’ fun it turned out to be!

Needless, to say, I had an awesome time.

We need to do this more often, ladies! 🙂

(How I survived French class, “le jour après”, will be the topic for another blog post.)

8 thoughts on “Women only

  1. Ah, we shall, leave that to your imagination.

    Five women. Wine and Vodka. And your male readership’s all too active imagination… Uh-Oh !


  2. LOL @ French class … I know the feeling. hehee
    But the night out seems fun … more power to the powerpuff girls ehh? 🙂

  3. hi
    been visiting your blog often.

    i did a similar thing yesterday. got together with my 3 cousins and my 3 girl friends and had a ladies only day yesterday(if you overlook that my cousin’s year-old son was also present)we had a lazy sunday morning – chatting and oiling each other’s hair and then for a feast for lunch which is otherwise called a Sunday Special Gujarati thali. i didn’t know i could eat this much.


  4. vignesh: exactly. gotta leave something to the imagination, i say!

    crab: powerpuff gals. hehe.

    shibs: yeah, it sure was 🙂

    evolving: i like the idea of the gujju thali. it’s been a while since i had one. somewhere in fort, there’s a unlimited gujju thali place where we had pigged out a long long ago… can’t remember it’s name now.

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