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Fun with flowers

It’s always a pleasure to go to Lalbagh during the flower shows, which are held in Jan and August every year in the city. This time around, despite noble intentions to go on the first day, I didn’t quite make it. So, on the last day (better late, than never!), I decided to make a quick dash along with Cyberscorpion. It also happened to be Republic Day.

Can't fight this feeling...

Spent a couple of hours wandering around. It was a lovely morning, with the crowds beginning to grow in numbers as the morning progressed, for a last look at the flower show.

In true Bangalore holiday spirit, there were quite a few people who were out for their morning walk, some alone and others along with their kids and extended family members. We also met Arun there who looked like he just jumped out of bed, which he admitted he did!

I don’t really have equipment for ‘serious’ flower photography, but I still had heaps of fun trying to capture their beauty…

On the hill You & I
The simplest things... January 26
Pretty in pink Honey, will you 'bee' mine?
Towards the light! The Glass House

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