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Mini-meet over a mega meal!

And so I met another Bangalore blogger – Suman Kumar. A point he made emphatically was not being listed in my blogroll. Which I have fixed since then, Suman, if you’re reading this šŸ™‚

In the middle of a gargantuan 7-course meal at Shiok, Suman gave us his fundas on topics as diverse as corporate blogging, the MMS scandal and how to make money via blog ads, since food apparently isn’t one of those things that turn him on!

Adding to the party spirit was his pretty and charming wife Chitra (who contrary to Suman) was totally enjoying the delicious spread. It’s always such a pleasure to meet another foodie, especially if they’re women (who are usually known to eat in bites only!). Thanks, Madman for the yummy food. We had a really good time.

While Arun got totally sloshed over the potent Long Island Ice Tea and kept excusing himself saying, “I’m not responsible for what I say, because I’m drunk”. Hmm, now isn’t that a nice excuse?

And Suman and Chitra had their own interesting story about how they got together online.

I would love to do it again, so while we try and work out a meet, we hope you’ll join us the next time. Especially, if you’re in Bangalore šŸ™‚


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