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Flash ending

I was reading Bijoy’s personal account of the first ever flash mob in Mumbai: “Flash mobs, a social phenomenon first reported from New York in May, are sweeping the world through email and the Internet, especially via blogs. Flash mobs are sudden and seemingly unplanned gatherings of large groups of people that converge in public places at a predetermined time. Members simultaneously converge to form the mob, perform a predetermined, usually bizarre task and disperse quickly, leaving onlookers bewildered.

It’s all good fun and nobody gets hurt.”

The police didn’t think so. On October 8th, the guy who had organised the event, Rohit Tikmany got a call from the police informing him that prohibitionary orders were still in place in the city. The site he had set up ( was taken down subsequently.

That was a quick end to the first and probably the last (at least for a while) flash mob in Mumbai. But what about other cities? Does the same apply to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc?


  1. Wel, goes to show we don’t have any sense of humour! Well, atleast authority doesn’t! I guess this is just one more thing added to the list of things that work marvellously abroad and flop in India. Oh well…

  2. In my opinion, flash mobs were never really fun. And finding time in your busy life for such an idle exercise, doing the act and leaving without even enjoying the looks on people’s faces doesn’t seem that fruitful either!

  3. I find this entire idea of flashmobs bizarre. Do people have nothing else to do than to alarm the authorities. Go guys invest your energy, time and money into something constructive. Do some social service, adopt an orpahn or atleast sponsor one. Way things are going tomorrow the stupid Ramsevaks (read Ram Bhakshaks) will innocently insist that they were planning a puerile little flashmob at Ayodhya.

  4. Nilesh: Some people obviously think otherwise. Though it seems pretty fruitless as an exercise, there seems to be some reason why its spread across so many cities!

    Debashish: Though it seems bizarre, maybe people are attracted to it because of its high ‘fun’ value and the fact that there is a very minimal time and money investment compared to other activities you suggested.

  5. Anita, who knows, it might be fun to be a spectator. Because then I would get to see the bewildered looks on people’s faces. 🙂

  6. Would love to be a part of the flashmobs. Alas – the phenomenon was short lived in Mumbai. Anyways whatever happens – happens for the good !

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