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Work in progress

Where do I start? What do I do? These are questions that come to my mind as I now set off exploring my new blog. I have no clue what I am going to do next. And besides the fact that I might land up hopelessly wrecking this whole thing and making a mess out of it, I am quite confident that somewhere along the way, it will also give birth to a brand new blog!


  1. Hi Anita,

    Nice to see ur blog here. I wanted to know if u cud help me developing my blog.

    As I was born n brought up in Assam it feels nice that guys n gals from Assam r goin places, by the way what do ya do?

    Im working with Videocon Industries Ltd as Asst Mgr Mktg & Branding (Eastern & Central UP) based at Lucknow. I wanted to develop my blog as a place where I could showcase all the work that I have done professionally as a link with the professional groups that I am part of.

    Also maybe I could think of using another one for my friends.

    I guess since u hv been updating ur blog n been into this thing since long u can really guide me.

    cu, tk care n do reply at my id

    n my underdeveloped blog is :



    Arijit Roy Choudhury
    Asst Mgr Mktg
    Videocon Intl Ltd
    Mobile: 9838767571

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