I booked this domain in May, 2003. Three months have passed. I have still not been able to export my old blog here. I’ve been meaning to do it, but instructions like these, can be quite scary.

I was talking to Ashish yesterday, when he came up with a brilliant suggestion (now why didn’t I think of it before? duh!).

Instead of bringing all your old entries into this one, why don’t you just start afresh? Like a new beginning?

The young man made sense. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m keeping the old blog there and starting afresh here! There’s heaps of spring cleaning to do, but I think I’ll get to it, as I move along.

And besides, it seems like a season for new beginnings πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “My new home

  1. Congrats on moving here!

    And yep, there is no harm in keeping your old entries there. I suppose you have so many because you have been blogging for so long!

  2. yay for the new blog-home. I hope I’ll be able to pick up your pinging weblogs.com from here (rarely managed it at the old place so you dwelt in the “no ping” section).

    suggestion: put Anita Bora in the title element for your domain index, and I’d work it into the title here also. remember to change the links there for the blog also. Or put the weblog on the front page of the site? it’s yet another move, but still…

  3. Hi Anita! Thanks for the suggestions.

    Put Anita Bora in the title element for your domain index, and I’d work it into the title here also.

    I didn’t quite understand what this means.

    The reason why I’ve put the blog in a sub-domain is because I’d like to keep the main domain as a gateway to different projects that I have, one of which is the blog.

  4. for your domain index, have the title be “Anita Bora: Let me spin a world wide web around you…” (this is what’s seen in the title bar of your browser, and will be the default name of any bookmark that someone creates for the page). Same deal for the blog page, let it be “Anita Bora: Just a little something”.

    I said title element because if I just say “title” sometimes people think I mean the main heading at the top of the page.

    does that help?

  5. Hi, I came looking for a fellow piscean πŸ™‚ No, no, this isn’t about u look-me up thing. I just happened to read your “about” to see if a fellow piscean is as, um, weird; glad that I’m not the only one πŸ™‚ Kind of a funny feeling.

    Congratulations on your new ihome, ring-master (Indian Blogger’s), albeit quite belated. Bye.

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