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Somebody, stop us!

After a round of delicious sizzlers at Pop Tates, I watched 3 Deewarein with sister (it was her bday) and my friend G last week and thought it was quite an interesting movie. I mean after all the strange tales they roll out these days, it was refreshing. And without the songs – what a relief. What I like about Nagesh Kukunoor is that at least he tries to explore other themes. I liked Naseerudin’s character and some of his dialogues were really witty. Especially, about leaving a ‘patli galli’ open at all times. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?!

Sometimes, after a substantial dose of English movies, sitting through 3 and a half hours of a Hindi movie can be a really torturous experience. But in the absence of nothing close to decent playing in the theatres (I don’t think Naked Weapon is a film!), we’re doing a round of Hindi movies right now. We’re on a major movie watching spree and we can’t seem to stop!

Last evening we watched Koi…Mil Gaya (finally!). A decent performance by Hrithik Roshan. No wonder everyone’s raving about him. He’s good as the mentally challenged guy. You can almost feel a tug at your heartstrings when he gives that innocent smile. And then there’s the rather endearing alien. While the ET inspiration cannot be missed, it was good effort to try and go where no Hindi movie has gone before.

Tomorrow, we’re watching the first day first show of Kuch Na Kaho. After the dismal performance of Mumbai Se…, I am sure AB baby is pinning his hopes on this one, but something tells me that this might not be his much wanted hit either. And Sukanya’s review confirms my suspicion. Sometimes, I feel for these guys who work so hard to create magic on the silver screen, waiting for that elusive hit. The media too is really hard on them, repeating the fact at any given opportunity that ‘he’ or ‘she’ has not delivered a ‘hit’ yet. There’s so much pressure, so much rests on that one movie, that I wonder how they cope. I mean, look at AB – is it his choice of roles? Or is it that he doesn’t have what it takes? Or that luck just isn’t in his favour? Whatever it is, hope he cracks it soon!

On the movies trail, I’m planning to go around Fort tomorrow and pick up some old English flicks to watch at home. Any suggestions?


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