If you’re a guy, you’d probably say ‘yes’ if it’s this action flick and you just can’t get anyone to accompany you, despite trying to bribe them by offering them your first born (on second thoughts, this might not actually work!). But girls I believe are still not very comfortable with the idea of watching a movie alone. I have rarely come across anyone myself who’d go into a hall on their own, even if they’re desperate (and I’m specifically talking about India here).

While reviewing movies at my earlier workplace, I began getting used to saying, “One ticket, please” and getting confused stares from people sitting beside me when they realized I was ALONE (thank you, very much). Being a movie freak, I can watch one anytime, but I never quite enjoyed these solitary experiences. Especially in the slightly ‘seedier’ halls where I’d encounter really strange people.

My worst experience was watching a really bad movie (I can’t even remember the name; but I remember it had Ishita Arun) at a theatre outside VT station. I had never been there before and only when I reached I realized that it was going to be trouble. I was petrified. The hall was huge and really badly lit. It had ancient red curtains and old lamps hanging down from the ceilings and perched on the walls. And fans whirring at about .0005 kms/hour. And they locked the doors so I was literally clutching the arm of my chair all through the movie. And really sad people (and I mean, REALLY sad).

I do not want to be stuck with such a bunch, ever again in my life! It was only later someone informed me that the hall is not known for showing family movies. It would have been nice if I had received the information prior to my horrific experience. I was traumatized. I rushed out of the hall and jumped into a cab, promising myself I would never go into a hall I did not know about. And to make matters worse, they didn’t even carry the review, because I don’t think the movie ran beyond the first day!

I would go because it was work, but if I wanted to watch a movie for pleasure, I would usually ask (beg, sometimes) friends to come along. The whole act of movie watching seems kind of incomplete without someone to share it with. Added to the fact that it’s quite an ‘awkward’ experience.

I’m still trying to figure why this happens. If you have any deep psychological inputs to offer, do share!

At home, on the other hand, I’d rather watch a movie on my own πŸ™‚

Which brings me to the second part of my post. I’ve realized that what I really miss in Bangalore is watching movies! I’ve watched about 2 movies in the last couple of months I’ve been here. I’ve missed everything I wanted to see. And more due to a lack of finding cinema loving folks and accessibility to halls, than anything else. And I hate watching new movies on the video. I think I need to find a group of Bangalore cinema lovers quickly so I can catch up on my silver screen sightings!

Meanwhile, I made plans to watch a play the Alliance with Lavannya, only to have them washed away! Literally. Yesterday, I got caught up with work. Today, the rain poured down and played spoilsport. All our well-made plans washed away down Queens Road!

Bringing me to the third part of my post: electricity! What is it with the electricity? Whenever it rains (and sometimes even when it does not) the power goes off. There were 4 power cuts today after which I nearly gave up trying to write this post! And besides that, a really slow connection on my Indicom (it says 115 kbps and gives between 8-24 kbps) is driving me insane. I’m wondering if I should be paying 2000 bucks for such a bad connection. Not that I have too many choices, right now. Sigh, I guess I have to start looking around again!

And lastly, before I turn in, some pictures from my sister’s trip around Wales recently.

22 thoughts on “Would you walk into a movie hall to watch a film on your own?

  1. hey

    thanks for that message…! You can catch her snaps from the link in my latest post on my blog or at my ryze page !

    Absolutely agree about the electricity part in Bangalore…the last couple of days have been hell ! It’s worse when it goes off at 2 am in the night and you have two kids who decide to wake up then :-((

    Have you tried the Innovative multiplex yet on Outer Ring Road near Marthalli ?Other good halls are Symphony and Rex …I haven’t tried any other in Bangalore !

    My pseudo-psychological reason for men and women’s movie watching habits are:

    1. Men watch movies to pass the time…for example in my earlier life as a sales guy stuck in a nameless city in interior UP I’d watch a movie because there was nothing else to do..

    2. Men concentrate on the superficiality of movie watching….and the only thing that gives us the kicks in the movies are SFX ;-))

    3. We’ve never grown up with being conscious about what the guy in the next seat is going to do to us….

    That’s why…!


    p.s. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll !

  2. If it is a serious movie, I’d very much prefer watching it alone, not taking into consideration whether I can find the company or not. The simple point being that I hate talking to anyone in a hall.

  3. hey, great idea. count me in as member no 2 of bangalore movie lovers club. we could outsource the ticket buying (which imo is the biggest bottleneck) and make it first day first show to all movies. whattaya say?

  4. hahaha yeah i have done that a couple of times when i was new to Bangalore… and well had some good some bad experiences.. nothing beats watching movies with friends..

    Plan something .. will join in with you and Aqua.. girls day out … LOLOL..

    Missed Monster wanted to watch it..caught Troy on our way back home from office.. last weekend.. found it good..

    The only pain is that you are too far away for on the spurt planning.. SIGH.. but will call and see next time…

  5. Mahesh: Have passed on your comments to her!

    Gautam: Will check the photographs! Two wailing kids and no electricity. Okay, now I’m not feeling so bad after all πŸ™‚ Have seen Innovative from the distance once but yet to watch a movie there. Hopefully, sometime soon!

    Codey: I don’t like talking too much either. But I guess its just the comfort of knowing the person next to you πŸ™‚

    Aqua: It will be nice if I can get in touch with you. SMS/calls/emails/comments on your blog have all failed! Can’t reach your cell. No reply to email. Hmmmm. Where the hell are you?!! Please say you haven’t watched Lakshya, cause I really want to see it. Do call me πŸ™‚

  6. Hmm! I havent ever gone to see a movie alone…….but wud love to try out just for kicks..dunno how the experince might be! Anyways, thanks for adding me..:D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Even as a guy, I would never go to watch a movie alone(one of the reasons guys become friends). I have to agree with Gautam about the SFX, but there are a lot of movies about serious issues that me and my buddies go to see so that we can have a healthy debate later on(ok even i did not believe that bit :))

  8. Your post reminded me of the first time i went to see a movie on my own. I had some free time between two interviews and i decided to go to Chanakya in Delhi which was close by. Ended up watching this movie called “It takes Two”! πŸ™‚

  9. I’m used to watching movies alone… alas!

    (English only. I feel my brain cells dying when I watch Bollywood stuff.)

  10. Hmmm, nice to know that there are lot more ppl. who loves to watch movies in theaters and that too alone, i don’t beg friends to go with me, i just ask them if they are interested to go, and most of the time I decide to go to movie when its going to start in another 10 mins and I rush to watch it, so basically don’t get time to call them up and find out if they would be interested, got used to this. But yeah, nothing like watching movie with buddies.

  11. it is an awesome hall 2 watch a movie in

    i find it better than pvr or any other movie hall

    in short i dunt hav words 4 such an awesome hall as all d words i say r goin 2 b less 4 it

  12. I almost always watch movies alone. Part of the reason is I am a movie buff so I watch a lot of movies and part of the reason it is hard to coordinate a time when my friends are free. Now that I have relocated from Bangalore to Davis, CA – I watch movies alone since I have no friends here. I don’t understand why watching movies is a social experience since I am not talking to the person while I am watching a movie – in fact that is exactly the thing I do not want to do.

  13. Great Blog and great topic. I’m a movie freak let it be commercial or art there’s always something there in a movie. Latest addiction is “Hazaaron kwaaishen” a beautiful movie….well made…one. I did not understand quiet abou the this idea. When watching movies, we would not talk to each other, but when it comes to breaks, intermissions, getting the ticket, walk back to home…we need some one with us. Also, if it’s an all in all commercial movie, we would enjoy our company. Well….it’s just my thought.

  14. Hi

    I also go for movies alone as i decide at the last moment and cannot get anybody to join me.
    This Bangalore Movie Club is a good idea. Count me in.

  15. Hiii!!
    a movie club cheers for tat idea.. hate to watch a movie alone.. hve jst move to bangalore n lookng for frds to watch any movie any time.. get set go from my side..

  16. A movie club would be a great idea. Right now, I hit upon this page googling for movie clubs in b’lore. I am not much of a Bollywood fan. But am interested in classic holly and european flicks. A movie club is the only resort thus. Has anyone heard of any in b’lore?

  17. Hey,

    I came to this site looking for movie clubs in Bangalore. I love watching movies, but not alone. I dont see any information about a movie club in the previous comments, so if any one intersted can just mail me at raghu@gmail.com. We can take it from there.

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