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Do you have it in you?

Something my editor said the other day has been on my mind.

He said, ‘Whatever you do, if you don’t have a fire in your belly, you will never be able to achieve anything.’

Now, I’ve been working for so long, that I realise that many a time, what I do is more mechanical than actually something that is done out of deep thought.

So I’ve got to wonder about what he said. Frankly, I can’t quite remember if I’ve had that kind of ‘fire’ in recent times. There have points in my life where I have wanted to achieve something badly; felt flashes of that fire. But lately, I haven’t had glimpsed much of it it myself. Is it age? Is it just laziness and the comfort of being in a snug place? One has to wonder.

It’s worrying because, what you need to survive in a field like mine, is a sense of competition and the needs to always be on top of things. To try and want to be the best. To always have a keen sense of where you’re going, what you’re doing and enough passion to take you through.

Do I have ‘it’ in me? Do I want ‘it’ badly enough? I’ve been thinking about what he said, and I haven’t come up with any answers yet.


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