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Moving on

[Noss Mayo]On the excitement front, little sister (who’s a chef) got herself a job in the UK and is flying out tomorrow. So it’s goodbye to window shopping, travelling and watching movies together. We’ve raided most of the shopping malls in town trying to adequately prepare her for the England winter. She’s going to be in this picturesque little place on the South coast called Noss Mayo (picture on the right).

She was kind of my activity partner for the last year or so 🙂 Though we’re quite like chalk and cheese as far as personalities go, we share quite a few interests. And we both quit our jobs around the same time. Actually, she did first. And I followed soon after. My poor parents were in quite a state wondering what the hell was happening with the two sisters and where they had gone wrong!

Years ago, there were times my parents were a little embarassed and confused about my sister’s career choice. In the town we come from, I doubt there are many who would choose it as a career. They didn’t know how to explain that their daughter had chosen a career in the kitchen, when their friends’ kids were becoming doctors and engineers.

But I think she made a smart choice. She’s always been creative and when I asked her once what she enjoys about the culinary arts, her answer was that it’s something different everyday. It gives you scope to experiment. You can do so many things with food. And you never get bored. Besides which she loves good food.

Now the parents can’t quite seem to grasp that their little daughter is going off to another country, and that too, to work. But I think they’re pretty pleased. And I even caught my usually unflappable father getting a little emotional over the phone.

I guess it’s time for her to spread her wings.

Now that she’s leaving though, I’m wondering who I’m going to call when I want to watch a first day first show with!


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