Things are moving. Finally. We should be shifting house by next Tuesday. Found a decent place nearby.

I’ve been enquiring about cable internet connections and I haven’t found anyone who provides connections in the Borivili west area. I’ve tried Hathway, Dishnet DSL, In2Cable but none of them provide connections here. I was rather surprised. Given the way high-rise buildings are mushrooming all over the place I would have thought there would be one company servicing this area. No luck yet.

Meanwhile, I saw a really strange movie called Identity over the weekend. It was going okay for a thriller – people were dying one by one, the suspense (‘saucepans’ as we call it) was piling on like thick cream. There were some really gruesome shots. A bloodied head found in the dryer. Another man whose mouth had been stuffed with a baseball bat. One stabbed repeatedly. Another blown away to smithereens.

But after the interval the whole story got too twisted for its own good. And by the time they connected the dots, we were like, “Huh? Umm… Er… what was that all about?!” I think it was one of those movies which tried to have this really cool ending, and ended up a little flat. But it’s okay if you’re looking for something entertaining. John Cusack and Ray Liotta make the movie well worth a watch. There are some really funny moments. I mean, for a thriller, it was quite funny.

6 thoughts on “Funny thriller

  1. Phonebooth was good. Especially for a movie that was set in just one location – a booth! And Colin Farell did a pretty decent job of keeping me hooked on 🙂

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