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Dozing through Mr & Mrs Smith

I did the unthinkable! Despite the considerable star power and heat the couple were generating, I dozed through the second half of Mr & Mrs Smith 🙂 On the first day of the show last Friday. After the interval, when both of them were really getting at each other, I was lulled into sleep! Here’s a rather flattering review. I have never done this before in a hall – sleep through a movie that is. At least for a long while. Maybe, I need to see it again. This time, with my eyes open!

I had written about a bad experience at Millers 46 a few weeks ago. Jude, who’s the owner of Millers 46 actually left an apology on my blog and sent me a voucher towards my next meal. Thanks Jude! Can imagine how demanding the service business is and will definitely go back for more at Millers 🙂

22 people so far for the Honnemardu trip this weekend. Yayay! Am really excited. Have wanted to go to this beautiful place for a while and am totally looking forward to it. My weekend French classes hardly allows me to travel these days. But I have 2 weeks to go before my finals and if I don’t go somewhere, I am going to be very unhappy. So Honnemardu, it is!


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