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Dozing through Mr & Mrs Smith

I did the unthinkable! Despite the considerable star power and heat the couple were generating, I dozed through the second half of Mr & Mrs Smith 🙂 On the first day of the show last Friday. After the interval, when both of them were really getting at each other, I was lulled into sleep! Here’s a rather flattering review. I have never done this before in a hall – sleep through a movie that is. At least for a long while. Maybe, I need to see it again. This time, with my eyes open!

I had written about a bad experience at Millers 46 a few weeks ago. Jude, who’s the owner of Millers 46 actually left an apology on my blog and sent me a voucher towards my next meal. Thanks Jude! Can imagine how demanding the service business is and will definitely go back for more at Millers 🙂

22 people so far for the Honnemardu trip this weekend. Yayay! Am really excited. Have wanted to go to this beautiful place for a while and am totally looking forward to it. My weekend French classes hardly allows me to travel these days. But I have 2 weeks to go before my finals and if I don’t go somewhere, I am going to be very unhappy. So Honnemardu, it is!


  1. I don’t get it! I heard that the movie itself was a bore post-interval. So you may sleep through it again.

  2. as a banglorean-in-exile, i v been turning to u r blog for a year now, to get my bearings every now n then. amazingly, u v consistently made me feel that much better, always. thanks.

  3. Preeti says

    Hey… Landed up at ur site thru a search link on Mumbai weekend getaways. Wanna know more bout this site and the adventure trips…
    Lemme know by mail.
    Tata till then…

  4. Would the symphony guy refund my 100 bucks back for this movie if i told him what harm this movie can inflict upon mortals like me?

  5. Hey famous!

    BTW, one of my favourite movies was Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, which I supposedly have seen about fifteen times, or rather have slept through. Nice music all the while, no dishum-dishum to wake one up with the sound. Three hours of absolute bliss!

    And wish I could come along for the Honnemardu trip! Damn, have a quiz on Sunday. Are these blogger meets a regular thing? Would love to come along for the next one.

  6. You do get quite a lot of SPAM!.. even after awitching to WP?? And i too got it through you!.. your Comments RSS feed..!!!

  7. We did the same thing when we wnet for “Kya kool hein hum”. We dozed off in the later part as it was getting unbearable.

  8. Ambuj Saxena says

    I also saw the movie and found it quite interesting. And after the movie I felt positive that I haven’t wasted my 100 bucks for the movie. This was echoed by the friends with whom I went to watch the movie. But one thing I admit, that this is not a movie I would suggest a woman to see. You see, its a man kind of maar-dhad movie. Although I am myself a bit opposed to only fighting sorts of movies and on the same lines I hated the part when the pair (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) fought with dozens of armed men after coming out of the room.
    But definitely I enjoyed the subtleties in the humour like the part when:

    Mr. Smith : I missed you.
    Mrs. Smith: I missed you too!

    Probably you were dozing off when it came, so no need to stress your mind to find humour in this.

    BTW, if I were you, I would come back home to sleep. And more importantly, ask like-minded people before going to see one.

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  10. You didn’t miss much. And I slept through Harry Potter 2, and went to see it again a month later, and realised I hadn’t missed much (HP3 was so much better).

    BTW, WTF was that critic thinking, putting the whole story in the review?

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