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It’s that time of the year!

Ah, well. It’s that time of the year again.

I remember being younger and so excited everytime my ‘special day’ would come around. It was a time when all my friends came over, mom made yummy khana, boyfriend gave me ‘cho-shweet’ gifts, sister was extra nice that day, dad would smile a little more. And being a sucker for gifts, I would get excited over every little thing I got as a present.

Now, I think, ‘Oh, my God. Is it that time of the year already?’ I mean, didn’t I just turn a year older a few days ago? Oh noooo!

Ah, well. There it is.

Do leave yours in the comments box. At my age, they’re the only kind that I’ll be getting 🙂


  1. So Sandeep : U also yearned for one “Boyfriend” 😉

    just kidding !!!

    @nita: have a good one

  2. Anita-Happy Birthday girl! So you’re turning 22 right?!? 😉 Anyways, just wanted to drop by and wish you the best, not just on your birthday, but everyday! Peace-I’m out! -Devin

  3. Hey Girl (if I may call you so),

    Many Happy Returns of the Day… This is a the beauty of blogging – so many wishes from people who probably just pass by you in real life and yet you will never know.


  4. Abira says

    hey wish you a very happy b,day. tkae care and enjoi ur gifts.

  5. Sandeep: Thanks! I’ll hold that thought!!

    And thanks Mahesh, Ritu, Devin, Amar, Ravages, Chugs, Extrema, Tass and Abira.

  6. ranjita says

    hey there,

    don’t remember ever being nice to you…anyway happy birthday and would ya go to gomantak and eat a tandoori crab for me.feel a cravin for indian food


  7. Babes: I was trying to be nice silly. I’ll definitely have a tandoori crab for you! In fact, I’ll have a couple to make sure you put on some weight!! 🙂

    Tarun: Thanks a lot!

  8. Thanks Shobha, Jag. Was pretty depressed at one point. But a few friends came over and insisted on going out so I cheer up 🙂

  9. Hi

    came here through cant’ remember whose site. my birthday is the 5th of March as well. 🙂

    a belated very happy birthday to you

  10. Gandalf: Thanks! And where have you been?!

    Gargi: Nice to meet a fellow 5ther. A happy belated bday to you too!

    Anti: Thanks!

  11. Happy Birthday, Anita, from another Anita! I just found your site through another site and am enjoying it very much.

    I wish I could say I am also a Pisces, but I am a Scorpio sun sign, with Pisces moon.

    Through your weblog I also found another Anita weblog, Anita Rowland’s. We should all start an “Anita” blogring, I think.

    Again, happy belated birthday.

    Anita Campbell

  12. Oops. I am a few days late 😀

    Happy belated birthday Anita! 🙂 I hope you had a good one 🙂

  13. I am terribly late.. Belated Happy returns of the day. I am younger to you by two days.. 🙂

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