bLogout. For once, Suman comes up with an interesting word 🙂

So instead of sitting in a coffee shop or a Koshy’s, we’ve decided to go away somewhere for the next blog meet. And appropriately, the meet will be called bLogout (trademark Suman!).

The plan for now is to head to a place called Kadumane. My inclinations right now are towards Honnemardu, but Suman feels it might not suit everyone (please support me, if you think Suman is wrong and we can always change the destination)!

We are now planning to head to Honnemardu (provided we get the bookings). It’s a really fun place with water sports to keep everyone busy.

If you’re interested in joining in, please do email me or Suman by Mon/Tues next.

The date is the 3rd weekend of June (18,19).

If we have enough people expressing their interest by Monday/Tuesday, we will go ahead and make the reservations. Please do not email us saying you can’t make it or suggest another date.

So bLogout folks! It’s fun!

And if you have questions, go read Suman’s FAQ! Please don’t get scared though. He does tend to go over the top 🙂

14 thoughts on “bangalore bloggers blogout!

  1. anita, by reservation ru talking of the bungalow or the tickets… cant we drive to that place?? since its just 5hrs from b’lore… start by afternoon & reach by evening/night.. what say??

  2. aditya: do try

    sathish: we will have to make reservations at the place we are going (for accomodation) especially if we are 10+. We can drive there if we have enough vehicles or organise a vehicle.

    ferrari: great! please also publise bLogout in your blog.

  3. anita, i believe u got ur vehicle & i got mine that means v can accomodate 8 people… more than 8 we can chk who else has car or rent a car!!!

  4. Hey I would love to come..but unfortunately I have a very important ritual to attend to at home…U guys have a ball and take care!! Cheers and hope to join the next time around!!

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