Some serious studying (really!)
French classes
Dinner at Bayleaf, Koramangala

French classes again!
Badminton with the boys πŸ™‚
Watching India lose the finals
Playing with the cat
Sleep, precious, sleep!

And the weekend is over. I haven’t done half the things I had planned to finish! Sigh, I wish they would make them longer…

15 thoughts on “There ‘it’ goes again…

  1. did madman help with the adsense? looks nice – try to get some myuzic and photo links there (try to outwit google :-)!

    – s.b.

    ps: what is with –> “Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: myuzic” (when i spelt it correctly)

  2. if the activities that u listed have all been out of ur choice then thats a lots of work done …

    If u have been doing those to make some one else happy then I guess the matter is serious …

    Njoi what u do πŸ™‚

  3. Why are you learning french? I don’t understand why girls have these fascination to learn foreign languages(French).:)

    I wouldn’t learn French unless I plan to apply to INSEAD.

  4. welll welll well…

    i like the pigeon pic quite a lot… you’ve cropped it well lady

    sorry for the blah blah blah…. not all the time that way..

    and yes i wish too this weekend is longer…

  5. hai ,

    u r photos r real cool

    jus accidentaly got into it i was searchin for some ooty photos and got ur gallery great work

    se ya reg


  6. if there were ever something I learned from campaigns is that good folks can disagree on things. Rob and I disagree about the existence of God. Recently, I posted about a common misrepresentation about God’s culpability in the bad things that happen here on our Earth. You can read the whole thing here, but the basic message is that’s not God doing it to you.

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