Have been meaning to post my pictures from the Bandipur-Ooty trip, but the connection’s (Tata Indicom) been really bad from home. Finally, managed to get a few of them uploaded.

[The spotted dove somewhere near Ooty]


Meanwhile, am not going to pay much attention to my online persona (meaning blogging will be light for a week at least) as I need to sort out certain parts of my life. It’s like my wardrobe clearing session I have to go through once in a blue moon. Stuff I need to really think about. Stuff I can’t be thinking about right now :-\ Stuff I need to finish. Stuff that is piling up on me (like the IBL). Despite my intentions to keep things simple, it doesn’t quite turn out that way, I’ve noticed. Well, what’s life without some food for thought?!

[On the way to Gopalswamy Betta]And while I’m ‘thinking’, please visit all my dear friends/bloggers/countrymen and whoever you find on my blogroll. Keep the blog light shining strong. And don’t forget to click on one Google ad while you’re here πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts…

  1. u reminded me that the time to clean my room has come.

    btw, if u r interested in a trip to Andaman & Nicobar Is during Oct first or second week, let me know. Few other bloggers r also expected to come along, though we havent finalised on the list yet. Details, i shall put up on my blog.

  2. Please do me favour, if you come across a guy called george robin, pllllllllllllls let me know. He is an internet proffessional, and has tricked a lot of people in kerala. wanted by the state police. pls if you ever come across that name let me know

  3. Had wanted to visit your blog from quite sometime .. but found the opportunity today :). Cool blog, is that bird a pegion ?

  4. Hey Q – it’s certainly a bird. But not a “pegion”. If you hover your mouse over the picture – you will see that it’s a “spotted dove somewhere near Ooty”.


  5. Hey Anita,

    Just Bloghopped into ur site!Pretty kool!Keep it up!Spotted dove and Lighted beauty definitely stand out!Although nothing reminds of home like the Hair-pin bend board!

  6. Hi

    loved the pics. even clicked on a google ad:)

    the last time i came here was when you had freshly blogged about locking yourself out. Google had these lock smith ads. And before i could comment, my carrier dropped connection:)

    its pouring in Mumbai. how is it in B’lore


  7. Ganesh: Andaman and Nicobar would be lovely. But first or second week of Oct would be next to impossible because of ‘work’ related events around that time…

    Thanks Mehak!

    Questor: That is actually a spotted doe, as Jag points out! And thanks Jag πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping by, Ramchi.

    And Ess Bee, thanks for the plug πŸ™‚

    Hi Harini, a treat for you when I cross the 100$ mark in that case πŸ˜‰ And thanks for dropping by! Bangalore weather has been overcast, cool during the day and evenings. It drizzles once in a while, but no heavy rains for a while. Pretty nice weather to chill out, read a book, cuddle up or do absolutely nothing, if you ask me πŸ™‚

  8. whoops … i did not mean to plug your album (though i ought to have done that too). your comment engine ate up the url i posted. lemme try again … putting the url in the homepage url spot.

    Ess Bee

  9. When will someone take some nice cityscapes and skylines of Bangalore? There’s so much media coverage about Bangalore yet there is not a single decent skyline or aerial pic. How does the city look like from the 13th floor? From all the pics available on the net even poverty stricken Kalkota (what’s the new name???) seems to look like a modern city when compared to Bangalore. Is Bangalore just an overhyped town? Or is it just a large village? Or is it really a modern city?

  10. great pics. though i was not a very ardent nature lover, but I landed up at IIFM,(indian institute of forest management, Bhopal) and the campus is probably the best bio-diverse campus of the country.

    By the i love ur pics (i mean the pics taken by u)


  11. “And don’t forget to click on one Google ad while you’re here πŸ™‚ ”

    You might want to get rid of that statement because it can get you booted out of the adsense program (it is against the tos) πŸ™

    I love the new pics you posted!

  12. hi, a first personal blog that i have been impressd so much, anita your hobbies and intrests are same inmy bandwidth. well i would also like to share my collection of my photography and would like to be in touch..

    well look forward for good bloggers here

    take care anita god bless

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