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Scattered thoughts…

Have been meaning to post my pictures from the Bandipur-Ooty trip, but the connection’s (Tata Indicom) been really bad from home. Finally, managed to get a few of them uploaded.

[The spotted dove somewhere near Ooty]


Meanwhile, am not going to pay much attention to my online persona (meaning blogging will be light for a week at least) as I need to sort out certain parts of my life. It’s like my wardrobe clearing session I have to go through once in a blue moon. Stuff I need to really think about. Stuff I can’t be thinking about right now :-\ Stuff I need to finish. Stuff that is piling up on me (like the IBL). Despite my intentions to keep things simple, it doesn’t quite turn out that way, I’ve noticed. Well, what’s life without some food for thought?!

[On the way to Gopalswamy Betta]And while I’m ‘thinking’, please visit all my dear friends/bloggers/countrymen and whoever you find on my blogroll. Keep the blog light shining strong. And don’t forget to click on one Google ad while you’re here 🙂


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