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Comment and spam problems

The comments are back. I must thank Jag, who noticed there was an extra ‘e’ that had got blacklisted in line 602! That was what was causing problems with leaving comments on the blog.

Though I am sorely tempted to remove the comments box, I feel it’s an integral part of the blog and am not really keen to take that extreme step yet. The comments spam seems to be snowballing everyday. Jay Allen’s list is great and he updates it almost everyday. But it’s really becoming quite a pain updating the list and de-spamming the blog everyday.

(UPDATE: Madhu’s been working hard to make my blog spam free and I’m hoping that whatever he’s done to it, works! Thanks Madhu, I do owe you a dinner now 🙂


  1. I guess it’s time to move on from Movabletype to WordPress (my take of-course). There’s a plugin available for WordPress where it shuts-off comments after a specified number of days that the author chooses. There are other goodies like password protect certain posts (or even the entire blog); get users to register for commenting (unlike Typepad which is a centralized service)and receive future comments on a given post by email. This list goes on and on.

  2. Comment spam is a headache, I agree. It was never an issue with blogger, but its one hell of a problem when people move to MT, Typepad, etc.

    I second Chetan’s opinion about WordPress. It has a handy plugin for blocking blacklisted commenters. Well, the blacklist itself is taken from Jay Allen’s list, but what makes WordPress better is the intuitive plugin interface it uses. Makes it easy to use.

    To digress… I’m moving my blog from blogger to WordPress. So I shall soon contact you to modify my blog info on the indianbloggers list! 🙂

  3. hey there! interesting blog. nice colors, great pic. very pretty actually. and hehe… even more interesting posts. too bad ur in Bangalore, or i could have offered to teach u some French (the lec u missed). Welcome to my Blogroll!

  4. I find it a bit funny how so many wordpress users are so quick to tell people that the best thing for them to do is to move away from MT and to WP. Funny that…

    “There’s a plugin available for WordPress where it shuts-off comments after a specified number of days that the author chooses.”

    Yes, it’s called WP-Blacklist. Wonder where they came up with that. Anyhow, the next version of MT-Blacklist does this and far far more. Of course, I’m sure that WP-Blacklist will add the new functionality as well (I encourage it even).

    Hold on for a bit and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

  5. How about returning to yaccs temporarily? But not sure if MT-YACCS interfacing is possible..

  6. Mr Allen, I commend your work and also an admirer of the blacklist. I know that your plugin is available for both platforms-that makes it even playfield.

    What you’re probably not aware of is this (and not the WP-Blacklist). If you think this is your implementation, then I rest my case. Also, I’m talking about existing MT users (that use 2.6x version; not what 6A is producing now as a paid version). To add spice to the discussion, I heard no comments about the built-in Mass edit functions in WP. Is that your derivative too?

  7. MadMan says

    Testing new industrial strength comment spam protection measure. If this gets posted, the install was successful!

  8. MadMan says

    Continuing tests. Next test, I will simulate a spambot and see whether it gets blocked.

  9. MadMan says

    OK, so “proper” comments are going through, but ones without the “key” are not. Yay!

  10. This blog has now been protected against automated spambots. Anyone wanting to comment-spam here will have to do it manually, which few will.

    – Your friendly neighbourhood MadMan

  11. Chetan, I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at. WP-Blacklist has from the very beginning been touted as a derivative of (and relied upon) MT-Blacklist. The next version due out extremely soon does what I consider to be a large step better than auto-closing comments: It auto-moderates comments on old entries (duration is configurable). This leaves your entire archive of content open for comments like the day you posted it, but stops the spam cold. For the record, MTCloseComments has been around longer than (or at least almost as long as) MT-Blacklist. It’s not exactly a new or WordPress-only feature.

    Anyway, the funny thing here is that Matt M. is a friend and I respect both his work and the work of the WordPress community. It’s a shame that some in that community feel the need to bash MT through factually erroneous and misleading comparisons instead of all realizing what a small boat we are sailing in in the blogging world.

    I have nothing bad to say about WP, but I know what MT 3.1 and MTB 2.0 will do and your disseminating dated information.

  12. Jay: What I’m getting at is better expressed by Matt M. himself.

    Anita: I’m sorry to be commenting here again for clarification. What started as a personal opinion has snow-balled to this. My apologies. It was not my intention to offend anyone here. All I meant was that people can try for themselves the alternatives to see the results for themselves. Nobody’s stopping anyone to use what they like as long as they’re happy with what they’re using.

    I also stand by what I said earlier: WordPress by it’s inherent ability has been better at stopping spam (without using WP-Blacklist, in the first place). Anyone disagreeing with me are free to try for themselves and see the results.

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