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Wotta Beauty!

I got hold of this old Canon camera a few months ago and didn’t think much about it. Until Sabir saw it and told me that it was much more valuable than I thought!

The camera dates back to 1978. There were a few problems with the camera and the lens (it had been unused for over 5-6 years and gathering dust). I got it fixed at a Canon dealer in Indiranagar. Next, Sabir looked for a Canon FD 50 mm f/1.4 lens and got me a real nice piece for a bargain after some hunting around.

I know digital is the way of the future, but these old cameras are such a joy to handle. I’m raring to try out the new / old one now 🙂 Do any of you have really old cameras and have you ever tried using them?

Canon a1 dates back to 1978


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