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Wotta Beauty!

I got hold of this old Canon camera a few months ago and didn’t think much about it. Until Sabir saw it and told me that it was much more valuable than I thought!

The camera dates back to 1978. There were a few problems with the camera and the lens (it had been unused for over 5-6 years and gathering dust). I got it fixed at a Canon dealer in Indiranagar. Next, Sabir looked for a Canon FD 50 mm f/1.4 lens and got me a real nice piece for a bargain after some hunting around.

I know digital is the way of the future, but these old cameras are such a joy to handle. I’m raring to try out the new / old one now πŸ™‚ Do any of you have really old cameras and have you ever tried using them?

Canon a1 dates back to 1978


  1. Yashica FX3. Full manual in working condition. Dad bought it in the mid 90’s…I doubt my digital camera will last that long.

  2. O, jealous about the f/1.4 lens! My fav is Nikon’s 50mm f/1.8 which I use with my manual (see below).

    When I wanted to buy a Manual film camera, I was very uneasy about buying something unknown on e-bay or elsewhere. So I splurged for the new, old-style, manual camera from Nikon. The FM3a. It is still one of those super heavy all die-cast metal bodies. With a few refinements, it emulates the best of the old FM and FM2. My baby!

    See here.

  3. I have an old Leica M7 from the 50s…a legacy of my father… the lens is in excellent condition but the shutter is a lil stuck..each time i take it for repair, the folks there try to offer me a deal…every studio/technician tries to buy it…apparently it is a rare model..and leicas lenses are said to be top quality ones… check out some of my dads works in the Fathers Canvas folders at
    Dad was a chartered account who dabbled in photography .The portraits are as old as 40 years. I havent done any digital ‘touching up’ as I am sure he wouldnt have approved of it.

  4. I have one, and yes I did try using it. Unfortunately my photography skills are next to nil! I was disappointed when I developed the film πŸ™ Most of the shots where blank.

    I started learning to take pictures recently (again). I have a Fuji S5000 now and am quit happy with it. Good thing is I can take like 300 pics and then come home and delete most of them and keep only the good ones.

  5. hey nice camera. i had one nikon from the 70’s. it was the best peice ever. unfortunately i had an accedent and kinda broke the camera. one of my dads friend from japan said he can get it fixed. so its in japan now, fingers crossed. anyways i am doing a research on bloggers. it’ll help blog hosts provide you a better blogging environment. please follow this link to take the survey:
    handle that camera with care. its a a good peice.

  6. i have 2 old cameras. a minolta x370, and a contax. i used digital for 2 years, a canon eos300d, for which i built up a 4 lens kit, but i have problems with the camera. am back to using my not-very-old nikon f90x, with 2 nikon and a tamron lens. very satisfying using this camera πŸ™‚ someday soon, i’ll get a slide scanner. and that is all the digital i will get.

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