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Patra ni macchi and other Parsi delicacies!

I had an opportunity to sample some great Parsi fare a couple of weekends ago. I had read about it in a newspaper and archived it for future reference. And then when we were looking for a place to eat in Indiranagar, I suddenly remembered my archived reference. I went there for the first time and then again on the following weekend : that should tell you a lot about how much I liked the food!

Located at the Executive Inn, this cosy homely place called Daddy’s Deli is run by a Parsi couple : Nozer and Zarine Dogra. And right now, they’re only open for Friday, Saturday and Sunday though they do have plans to open every day of the week sometime in the near future.

The ambience is simple and clean and more like stepping into someone’s home. You feel comfortable as soon as you’re seated and the delicious smell of food wafts through the air.

The menu has been kept fairly simple and we started with mutton cocktail kebabs, the dahi bheeda (I think it was called; bhindi in dahi and very yummy!). You can have these with rotis or on their own.

The starters were quite filling but we still had place for more. For the main course we ordered the very well known Parsi dish called patra ni macchi (fish wrapped in banana leaves). Though the fish wasn’t actually wrapped in the leaves (they were served on them), it’s a dish I would recommend to all fish lovers. The green paste (coriander, green chilli, mint, coconut) is simply delicious and the fish (black or white pomfret, informs Zarine) takes in all these flavours very well.

Then we also tried the prawns pulao, which I think was my absolute favourite rice dish. The dhansak was the only dish that I didn’t like too much out of the lot : and it’s actually again a very signature Parsi dish. But I might try it again once again to give it another chance (which means another trip, but I’m not complaining!).

The Sali kheema was another dish I liked : yummy bit sized mutton pieces in a gravy garnished with potato shavings. You can try this with both rice or rotis.

And remember to make space for desserts. There’s pana cotta, laganu custard, the chocolate mousse (divine, gushed a friend!) and mango kulfi though these might differ a bit depending on the day.

Definitely a place I would recommend highly. And reserve in advance because all the seats were taken both times we were there.

Zarine Dogra
Executive Inn
12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Phone: 080 4115 4372
(Cost: Around Rs300-350 per person including the starters and a soft drink)

(on 100 feet road, you need to turn left into 12th main)

(PS: Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I was really busy eating!)


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