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Older and wiser!

It was after ages that I decided to call everyone home on my birthday. Usually, it’s a quiet dinner with a handful of friends, but this time I decided to have a bit of a blast.

A big thank you to everyone who came home and made Saturday a very special day for me including Meghna, Vasu, Venkat, Spidey, Madhu, Arun, Joshi, Janani, Nanjappa, Vaish, Shankar & Usha, Ganesh & Vrinda, Rocky, Bijoy and another handful of family members. I even asked everyone to dress in red, and almost everyone obliged – including Bijoy who carried a red handkerchief and Nanjappa who sat through the whole evening with a red rose in his hands!

And all those who called from wherever they were – my dearest pals Mohana & Rup, Rinku, Rukhshana & MM, Mona, Lynn and Albert, Kaushal and my sister. It was a nice change to the restaurant routine, except for the excess food that was cooked! I think I shall do this again – in about 5 years time!


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