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When Sat came to town!

Joe Satriani rocked and everything they say about him being a god is true!! He was simply amazing.

If Knoffler rocked, Satriani rocked with a capital R! He came on stage in his trademark black shades and black t-shirt. He took his guitar at 7.00 pm and only stopped at 10.00 pm after 3 hours of continuous strumming, riffing, raffing and whatever the hell is does with his guitar. As Arnab Suman rightly commented, the guy makes love to his guitar.

Adel managed to get loads of pictures on his brand new camera (mere paas Nokia 6670 hai!) and Suman (mere paas iPod hai!) was in 7th heaven after actually shaking hands with the man at Reliance Webworld earlier that day. The ticket he bought was the lucky one and he got to meet the man himself. Poor Arnab was devastated since both had bought tickets together. Better luck next time, Arnie! (I must mention Arnie’s friend Saurabh who kept calling his friends through the concert and made them listen to Sat on his phone. I think he missed most of songs in the process!).

While the music rocked, the management of the event, by a group called Opium, was pretty dismal.

The 2000 bucks row section was way too large. They should have estimated the number of tickets sold in that section and made an appropriate demarcation accordingly. Several people began crossing to the other side soon after the program began since there was a yawning gap.

Suman won a Rs 500 ticket and was told at the venue that there was no entrance for that denomination!

The overhead screens were not up till Satriani was into his 3rd or 4th number.

Even after they were up, they kept blanking out. The camera man also seemed to be confused as to what he was supposed to focus on. So each time Satriani created magic with his fingers, we had to look at the black screen. I think it was an episode of ‘The Revenge of the Cameraman’.

They sent policemen to the barriers making us feel like criminals on the wrong side of the fence. Security personnel manning a few junctions would have been just fine, thank you.

All in all, if it wasn’t for the music, these folks would have gotten some major flak. They definitely need to pull up their socks if they’re planning to manage events in the future.

But we’re glad we got to see Joe Satriani. There’s nothing like watching these live-wires, in the flesh, performing on stage.

This is something I have to mention. We went to Millers 46 for a bite after the concert. It took them about 20 minutes to serve us water! And we waited another 20 minutes and no one came to take our order. Not even a ‘sorry’, but we’re crowded today, so don’t mind the delay. We walked out (something I don’t do unless I’m really pushed to the limits and I do understand that restaurants can have their stressed out days!). What was disappointing was the attitude of the folks there, especially since I like the place.

We went to Coconut Grove on Church Street and had some spicy chicken, fish and appams instead. I’ve been to this place a long time ago and I must say that if you like your food steaming hot and spicy, you know where to head the next time you’re in the vincinity!


  1. Hello, that quote ‘makes love to the guitar’ is mine! And, i got some pics on my site. Not too good but what the hell!

  2. Correction: Its a Nokia 6670! Will have to wait till monday for the pics though, as I dont have the transfer cable with me.

  3. Pleomorphous says

    Were you the female with a handycam in hand and screaming everytime a new song was played?

  4. 1. Next time we’ll dunk Saurabh into a tub full of vinegar. That way he’ll smell as sour as his attitude.

    2. Yes, it was Suman’s quote, and I did accredit it, I guess it was lost in the midst of the loud noise 😀

    Adel has spiffy phone. And fourletter name. and spiffy phone number which makes you say “oh” three times.

  5. From what you describe, I think Satriani must be happy with the Bangalore crowd since he met with almost lukewarm response in Bombay. But then, a good response can be expected since Bangalore has always been heaven for Rockers 🙂

  6. And the MadM webmaster gets one brownie point less for letting a comment spammer sneak in 😉

  7. i agree with the opium sux part especially.. i was in the 2000/- section and even before the concert began, we were having arguments with the OPium/Global Inc. people about the fact that they wanted to keep the tickets.. some crap about tax calculation, or something.

    I mean… this is a Joe-Satriani-in-bangalore thing … it’s probably never going to happen again.. and if they think I’m giving up my ticket-stub so they can …. ….. with it, they got ‘nuther think comin!



  8. ripping the ticket and dumping it was the craziest thing .. man! well .. I got mine with me .. and I aint givin it nobody..

  9. Hi Anita,
    Extremely sorry for what you had to endure at Millers46. There’s absolutely no excuse! However if I may provide an explanation, as u mentioned we were having a off day with our executive chef/manager being on sick leave and being short staffed in the service area. But it’s still no excuse for your experience. I would greatly appreciate if you would give us another chance. I am always contactable on 9886 00 4646 for your comments/ feed back. As a token please accept the voucher emailed to your rediffmail account towards your next visit.


    Warm Regards,

  10. Hey Jude! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    It’s really nice to see your comment here; this is how you build a successful brand, imho.

    Also, a related article.


  11. thanks jude! received the voucher too and emailed you regarding the same. will definitely come around again 🙂

  12. in my opinion going back to millers 46, specially with a free meal voucher….kind of na na na..

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