anita in caricature in 2005

Circa: 1993. I was working with the Indian Express, Pune. In the production section one evening, I was busy producing some supplement. When I was walking out of the room, one of the artists called Dulange, handed this to me. I’ve kept it with me, since I really liked what he did.

anita in caricature in circa 1993

Circa 2005. I was at the karaoke night last evening at Opus, enjoying listening to people sing, when this caricature artist called Ashwin, asked if I’d like my mug shot. I said, why not?

Quite a few differences in the two and I’m not sure I quite like them either 🙂 I quite prefer the one done more than a decade ago! And it has nothing to do with the fact that I was more than ten years younger at that time 😉

7 thoughts on “Different faces, different times

  1. Well i like he second pic for sure.

    No doubt the first pic looks young and more attractive(by far anita is always attractive) bu the second pic has a feel to it.

    As if she is looking at the eagles flying high and saying i cant take a pic of u and sighing about it.

    Hey even though its personal interest of making it to a music concert a small hint or info tha u all people will be there would have resulted in another meet.

    Anyways where is te pic u took of that eagle baby on the day of the meet,upload it mada..

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