1. Excellent work, Anita. let me know if you are interested in holding an exhibition of your paintings in Chennai and I’ll help you with it. No, I’m not kidding.

  2. You’re welcome, Jil.

    Kribs: If you buy one from me, that’s enough for now 😉 Hopefully, someday, will do an exhibition, but I will need to work a great deal more for that to happen…

  3. Nice one 🙂

    The best things I like about your paintings are that

    1. They are not abstract

    2. They are beautiful


  4. Thanks Arun 🙂 But there is actually a beauty in abstract that only a person who understands that art can appreciate. Also, it’s much tougher to do abstract art, believe me. I tried it and realised that sticking to realistic stuff is easier!

  5. Wow..thats really neat. Good stuff Anita, wish I ll meet up with you sometime, once I get settled in Bangalore, to discuss painting in general.

    I have passions for painting and that hobby of mine poor little doesn’t find enough of my attention and time.

    And that painting of yours reminds me one of mine done back in 2002.

  6. Thanks Vin. I haven’t met too many people who I can chat or appreciate art with, so that would be nice. Are you in Bangalore already or planning to come here sometime?

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