In a quiet moment of reflection, I realized that I had completed 6 months in the city of Bangalore. And I didn’t realize how the time had flown. I was chatting with Deki, who I had met when I was about one month old here and realized that it has been 5 months since then!

I moved from Mumbai for both personal and work related reasons. I needed the change. I needed to get away and out of a rut that was killing me. There were some who wondered why I had given up the fast life of Mumbai for the slower pace of Bangalore. But looking back, I have actually done more in the 6 months here than I managed in 6 years in Mumbai.

While I was rushing about my daily job and getting to and fro work, I forgot the equally important things in life. I didn’t have time to travel. I didn’t have time to meet friends or vice versa. While the pace is definitely exciting and fast, I had to ask myself what I was rushing about for and what I managed to achieve in the end.

Bangalore has been a revelation of sorts. But most of all, it has given me some time for myself. Despite all the activities I keep myself busy with, I have been able to make time for the things which matter. Something I desperately needed. I was apprehensive when I moved. I think it’s always difficult uprooting oneself, and leaving behind everything you know and are familiar with. I knew exactly two people in this city. I wasn’t sure how I’d adapt to a new place after spending about 6 years in Mumbai.

But it’s been okay. The traffic here has me in a fluster. The auto wallahs are frustrating. I hate that everything closes at 9.30 pm. But on the sunny side, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that it’s bright and sunny in the morning and cloudy and cool in the afternoon. I like the unpredictability of the weather because it drives me slightly crazy 🙂 I love the fact that I can walk a kilometre and still not reach the end of my campus at work. I love the greenery and space after the claustrophobic spaces one is used to in big cities.

Despite my initial worries, it’s been quite an exciting ride so far. I have managed to travel around more in 6 months than I have in a long time. I remember hatching hundreds of plans while in Mumbai and nothing ever working out. I finally found the time to indulge in hobbies so vital to me – creative expressions that I have not been able to give vent to in a while, whether it be photography or painting. Take up a foreign language, which had become a 5-year plan in Mumbai.

I have met some really wonderful people who have in their own small and big ways helped me feel a part of the Bangalore landscape. I like my quiet moments, but I am not one who can survive very well on my own for very long, so it’s been great having people I get along with and share common interests – whether it is photography, trekking and traveling, blogs, food, badminton or animals.

Rocky and Jil, who were the only 2 people I knew in Bangalore. And I know I can call anytime. And who I can run to when I feel like having home cooked food 🙂 Arun, who was one of the first bloggers I met in Bangalore and I thought was especially serious and aloof when I met him. But he’s been a doll and puts up with my incessant (and mostly inane) chatter with great patience. Deki, who I met long ago but created a ‘big’ impression with her ‘huge’ announcement. But she’s been traveling ever since. We must meet soon 🙂 Madhu, because of whom I rediscovered good Oriental cuisine – and who I still have to treat for fixing my blog! Prabu, another photography bug with whom I have spent quite a few hours discussing and poring over pictures.

The photography gang – Shankar, Zeeshan, Vasu, Lavannya, Vivek, Sabir and a whole load of others with whom I’ve done some fun outings together. Another exciting event – an exhibition – is in the offing in end October. The trek buddies, Rajesh, Sujoy, Carielle, Mani, Haider and a whole lot of others who always come up with trips to keep the weekends busy. Others I’ve met by accident and design – Venkat, Vaishnavi, Ganesh and Vrinda, Bharathy, Tarana.

Looking back, I’ve had an eventful 6 months for sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the end, it’s about choices and I’m glad I made this one!

30 thoughts on “Has it really been six months?

  1. Looks like the phrase ‘I got Bangalored’ can have a new connotation now – a good one ! One that implies change for the better, a new zest for life, a new start, a new world, a new set of dreams which can finally be dreamt and lived.

    Wish you the best for your dreams young lady.

  2. Great that you are enjoying yourself in Bangalore!!

    Once I come back to India, I plan to settle in either Bangalore or Mangalore. These two places are awesome if you want to explore the nature around! 🙂


    P.S.: Once again, I request you to enable full text in your feed file! 🙂

  3. Thanks Gabbar, whoever you are ;0)I like that phrase 🙂

    Pallavi: Yeah, many more miles for sure. But it’s been a good journey so far 🙂

    Gaurav: It’s definitely worth a thought… Mumbai has a way of spreading its tentacles and wrapping around you so tightly that you don’t know whether you’re really alive anymore!

    JD: Will do. This weekend hopefully!! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Looks like you’ve had quite a time here. You know, I’d like to meet people from the blogging community. And hey, if you guys are planning a trek, let me know. I met Rocky in one of our usability meets without knowing that he’s Pallavi’s hubby. I had met Pallavi during a tech writing training program. I was stunned when he told me. Small world! By the way, we should meet up. Let me know.

  5. Mehak: After all that I’ve written, I thought it would be obvious 🙂

    Suman: Will do. We should meet sometime yes. It’s a small world alright! Do send me an email with your contact details…

    Deepak: Nice pictures, btw. The best part about the city is the pretty sights you still get to see. And the clear blue sky. Hard sights to catch in Mumbai 🙂

  6. Good to hear good things about Bangalore!!!

    After being in a lot of places around the world, I still think B’lore is the best. It allows you to lead your life on your own terms.

  7. I’ll be celebrating my six months in a couple of days. Rightly said Anita, unpredictabilty of the weather is quite interesting. You never know when you put your clothes to dry in the morning if they will be dry or wet when you return home. 😉

    Suman’s idea of a meet sounds really good. Maybe we ought to have a Bangalore Bloggers meet just like those guys have at Chennai

  8. Nice blog. Found it through I myself moved from Mumbai to Bangalore 4 months ago. I now think I could stay here just for the weather. Haven’t been able to explore much of Bangalore. But hopefully will do that soon.

  9. Anita…glad to see you taking a shine to Bangalore. From out here(Chennai) I can tell you that paras 4-7 above make me wanna cry! Waaaah…I miss Bangalore, ET wanna go home! 🙂

  10. Bharathy: Definitely! Btw, we must have coffee one of these days. Let me know when you’re making a trip this side 🙂

    Jax: That’s cool! We should do that sometime soon. I think Chennai is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of the blogging community 🙂

    Satchit: There’s quite a lot to see actually. Especially in and around Bangalore. The nice part is you can go in the morning and come back in the evening and that itself is a nice out of town trip.

    Ravi: Well, maybe time for another visit eh?

    Deepak: Yes, I’ve come across that site. Though I don’t know too many bloggers there.

  11. Hey thats Bangalore. I lived there 4 years and it feels like tis just a month or so that I lived there my life was full then!! those were the days!! you are really lucky to be there.

  12. Anita, I’m so glad to hear this success story.

    I know several others who’ve lived in Bangalore but lead a boring, life-sapping life. You’re enjoying the same breath of fresh air that I did in my first few years in Bombay. I guess everybody needs a change.

    Believe it or not, I dread the thought of returning to Bangalore. I’m yet to find the perfect place to drop my bags. But I’m having a great time being musafir 🙂

  13. Hello Anita,

    Congrats on your six months.

    I must however hasten to point out that this was exactly the same I felt when I made the reverse move i.e from Bangalore to Bombay. My life underwent a slight transformation from moving from boring Bangalore to colourful Bombay….

    Everything a person could want was available…the idea was to manage time better and everything fell into place…

    Consider the scenario…Its 2 a.m in the night…i had returned to bombay after 2 years in the US and us mates felt like having a great vegetable sandwich and a cup of chai…no problem…there’s only one place in the world that could have satisfied that urge….

    Bombay…how I miss you !!!

    Mehernosh (in exile in the US)

  14. You’re welcome, Madman :0)

    Biju: I can see why you miss it 🙂

    Lavannya: That extra n is a real pain! Will change it…

    Mahesh: I guess ultimately it’s about the things you do and the people you meet. And of course, one needs a change once in a while. Some more than others. I’ve noticed that some people tend to be pretty satisfied staying in one city all their life. I have moved so much now, that I would find that difficult! Glad you’re enjoying yourself too 🙂

    Mehernosh: I guess it largely depends on what stage of your life you’re at and what you’re looking for. Though Mumbai is really exciting, has 24 hour coffee shops, everything open till midnight and after, a lively party scene, I wasn’t looking for any of those things. So ultimately, it’s about what you want most. And I guess, to each his own. As long as you find a place where you’re most comfortable, then it doesn’t matter whether it is Mumbai, Bangalore or any other city!

    Thanks Vin…

  15. I read this post and wondered WTF i was doing in Mumbai too. I feel a similar “in the rut” mechanised slide. 12+ hour workdays suck, for obvious reasons. And in close to 2 years here, i’ve travelled once each, to Matheran and Goa. Not much, huh? Not sure whether Bangalore is the right place, but any place, with decent weather, and a place that allows a few hours a day to relax, to spend walking around alone… *sigh* gotta do something about it.

  16. Tell me about carielle please! i may have already posted something but i’m so curious. my parents made up my name, who is this person?

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