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Has it really been six months?

In a quiet moment of reflection, I realized that I had completed 6 months in the city of Bangalore. And I didn’t realize how the time had flown. I was chatting with Deki, who I had met when I was about one month old here and realized that it has been 5 months since then!

I moved from Mumbai for both personal and work related reasons. I needed the change. I needed to get away and out of a rut that was killing me. There were some who wondered why I had given up the fast life of Mumbai for the slower pace of Bangalore. But looking back, I have actually done more in the 6 months here than I managed in 6 years in Mumbai.

While I was rushing about my daily job and getting to and fro work, I forgot the equally important things in life. I didn’t have time to travel. I didn’t have time to meet friends or vice versa. While the pace is definitely exciting and fast, I had to ask myself what I was rushing about for and what I managed to achieve in the end.

Bangalore has been a revelation of sorts. But most of all, it has given me some time for myself. Despite all the activities I keep myself busy with, I have been able to make time for the things which matter. Something I desperately needed. I was apprehensive when I moved. I think it’s always difficult uprooting oneself, and leaving behind everything you know and are familiar with. I knew exactly two people in this city. I wasn’t sure how I’d adapt to a new place after spending about 6 years in Mumbai.

But it’s been okay. The traffic here has me in a fluster. The auto wallahs are frustrating. I hate that everything closes at 9.30 pm. But on the sunny side, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that it’s bright and sunny in the morning and cloudy and cool in the afternoon. I like the unpredictability of the weather because it drives me slightly crazy 🙂 I love the fact that I can walk a kilometre and still not reach the end of my campus at work. I love the greenery and space after the claustrophobic spaces one is used to in big cities.

Despite my initial worries, it’s been quite an exciting ride so far. I have managed to travel around more in 6 months than I have in a long time. I remember hatching hundreds of plans while in Mumbai and nothing ever working out. I finally found the time to indulge in hobbies so vital to me – creative expressions that I have not been able to give vent to in a while, whether it be photography or painting. Take up a foreign language, which had become a 5-year plan in Mumbai.

I have met some really wonderful people who have in their own small and big ways helped me feel a part of the Bangalore landscape. I like my quiet moments, but I am not one who can survive very well on my own for very long, so it’s been great having people I get along with and share common interests – whether it is photography, trekking and traveling, blogs, food, badminton or animals.

Rocky and Jil, who were the only 2 people I knew in Bangalore. And I know I can call anytime. And who I can run to when I feel like having home cooked food 🙂 Arun, who was one of the first bloggers I met in Bangalore and I thought was especially serious and aloof when I met him. But he’s been a doll and puts up with my incessant (and mostly inane) chatter with great patience. Deki, who I met long ago but created a ‘big’ impression with her ‘huge’ announcement. But she’s been traveling ever since. We must meet soon 🙂 Madhu, because of whom I rediscovered good Oriental cuisine – and who I still have to treat for fixing my blog! Prabu, another photography bug with whom I have spent quite a few hours discussing and poring over pictures.

The photography gang – Shankar, Zeeshan, Vasu, Lavannya, Vivek, Sabir and a whole load of others with whom I’ve done some fun outings together. Another exciting event – an exhibition – is in the offing in end October. The trek buddies, Rajesh, Sujoy, Carielle, Mani, Haider and a whole lot of others who always come up with trips to keep the weekends busy. Others I’ve met by accident and design – Venkat, Vaishnavi, Ganesh and Vrinda, Bharathy, Tarana.

Looking back, I’ve had an eventful 6 months for sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the end, it’s about choices and I’m glad I made this one!


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