It turned out to be quite a marathon meet after all.

19 20 bloggers attended and we had a nearly 100% attendance!

There were 2 of womankind and 18 of mankind. Hmmm.

Some old faces and loads of new ones.

Kiruba was our special guest. A special thanks to him for being there inspite of the aches and pains and bruised body parts (you don’t want to know!) after the marathon 🙂

Three out of them finished the whole marathon – 42 kms. Kribs, Sathish and Shyam (who are incidentally brothers).

Shubh and Bhaskar ran the 7 kms and Sam ran the half marathon.

Congratulations to all you cool people!

We effectively blocked the entrance to Barista for a while and it took us a lot of rearranging tables so we could all hear each other.

One blogger even decided not to join in and later sms’d me saying he was a little taken aback when he saw the crowd.

The meet progressed to Koshy’s where we had another round of juice, beer and tea.

There were so many folks from Chennai that we thought of calling it a Chennai blog meet in Bangalore.

One blogger suggested we do an activity based meet next time around. Any ideas are welcome.

In attendance (in alphabetical order):

My pictures will take a while. Meanwhile, check out Anand and Krishna’s blog for more pictures and Muthu even has a video!

Thanks to all you folks who made it, and for those who didn’t – we hope to catch you again, at another edition of the meet.

The blog meet was covered by Global Voices Online.

A couple of photographs, taken with Anand’s camera by assorted bloggers.

Make way for us. Filling up a great portion of the available space at Barista’s. Coffee places are a little unsuitable for these meets now! Left to right: Shyam, Madman, someone cut off, Adita, Anand, Suman, Sathish, Krishna, Shubh, me, Prabhu, Samuel, Muthu, Kishore and Arnab.

Before getting thrown out for disturbing Barista’s peace, we shifted to Koshy’s next door for some beer and juice.

20 thoughts on “A marathon meet!

  1. Alphabetical eh? What is the K’s doing between V and R..?? 😉

    Next time, may be should Trek..!! Say what people? Any other ideas..??

  2. i cldnt understand why u need a security code for posting comments, while you dont need to do anything to get the security code. isnt this an additional work??

  3. It was lovely meeting you Anita and THE camera! ;o) ..hope to meet you again…soon:)

    @Satish…the security code is to fight spam software I guess:)

  4. The security code is actually an image. The text in which can’t be read by any script/program but only naked eye. It prevents automated programs like “spiders” which crawl the web, to automatically do things, which usually means, filling a form. It is an added form of authentication in this case. Even in the email address which I post here, you can see a similar form of authentication.

    And yes, it was really great to meet all the bloggers. Be it Chennai or Bangalore people, it was fun and nice to come to know this great community. Nice to know you all!

  5. Hey! Anita…

    you forgot me… okay! I came late.. but then you shouldnt ‘not’ give me attendance.. 😉

    Great! lets have the next meet.. but close to bangalore please.. not in the neigbouding country.. kerala and all.. 😛

  6. that’s kewl! It’s true, some bloggers get the jitters at the last moment and get intimidated with the idea of meeting so many strangers.. has happened in delhi too 😐

    We have also had acitivity meets like book reading, kite flying and now a movie screening is being considered too 🙂

  7. Hello Anita,

    I love your blogspot! 🙂

    Great to seee the pics of the Bangalore meet.

    Came in via Kiruba’s blog.

  8. Cool blog you got here. Came in here the first time. Had heard a lot about you…..that’s quite a group! 🙂 Lemme see if I can join you guys sometime in the future..

    take care..

  9. Hi there……a successful meet!! Good going people!

    But where are all the “woman” bloggers?? It was just you and Shub-a minority!

  10. Am new to blogging..chanced on this conversation. very interesting to see all of you so enthu and that all of you attended the maratho..i have a group too and we trek a lot its called the Truckers. we dont blog and we’re all working. But treking is a great way to bond..Have fun!

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  12. How about a Bangalore Marathon in this December…? All corporate bodies are arranging .. we can arrange for all bloggers of Bangalore…

    would be happy to get a reply on this. We can easily assemble a huge crowd for this event.


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