Caught up with a bunch of interesting women at Sumitra Senapathy’s WOW get together on Saturday evening in town. I got there late after battling heavy Bangalore traffic (okay, the usual!) but there was still quite a bit of wine left 🙂

I’ve written about WOW before so I won’t go into details again.

But if you’re interested, her travel schedule in 2008 looks like this:

If you want more information on WOW, you can call Sumitra on 09891655054.

I met a lady called Poorvi who came up to me and said she had first come across WOW on my blog and that’s how she landed up going on a trip with them. Also caught up with Anuradha, who’s quit work and looking rather happy right now! And a very spunky Radio City producer called Pooja (who said she’s read my blog once 🙂 who regaled us about her Sri Lanka trip in great detail and had us in splits!

The theme of the evening was pink and it was interesting to see almost everyone in some shade of pink or the other. Some came fully embellished with accessories in pink too looking really pretty! Unfortunately, I’m not a pink person and possess all of one apparel in pink. So I managed a white kurta with some very “blink and you miss it” pink flowers! The best part was this photographer who landed up at around 930 when everyone was getting ready to disperse. Pg 3 he declared and was surprised that this party was getting over so early 🙂

All in all, a great fun evening and I wish I’d gotten a little earlier. But next time!

18 thoughts on “Wine, women and wanderlust

  1. Hey Anita
    good to see you at the WOW WINE do – yes, I too wish you had got there earlier, missed out on chatting with you!
    Anyways,WOW is planning a Weekend getaway in Bangalore, so this time round, we’ll make sure you get there (late or early) and s t a y overnight!

  2. Hi Anita, I am looking fwd to join for Ladakh trip in August. If there are any get togethers being arranged at Bangalore for WOW club, I would be very much interested to join to know wow members.

  3. Am eagerly waiting to retire next year and hope to join your wonerful club of wandering women.
    (-: But are 60+ women welcome?

    And do you have get togethers in Kolkata or Delhi? Would like participate.

  4. Hey Girls

    WOW groups are a fun loving combo of young, not-so-young and young at heart!!

    WOW is going places this year – Ladakh, China, Australia & a trek to Sikkim.

    Wine evening in B’lore will surely happen this summer!

    Be Pink & Footloose!

  5. hi Ladies
    Am so excited theres a group of fun loving women in Bangalore who love life and have itchy feet! I would love to join and mayhapsto travel . Do count me in.

  6. Hellow Ladies

    Just leartnt about WOW in 2days newzpaper & am really excited to join u guys.Am from Delhi.Pls do let me knw more bout WOW


  7. Hi,

    i read the article about WOW,in today’s times of india edition. In India a club like this was required, keep it up Sumitra. I am from Delhi, would like to attend a get-together in Delhi,kindly inform me as and when. I am an independent consultant with ORIFLAME SWEDISH COSMETICS, we have around 15 lakh women consultants around the globe. ORIFLAME has a wide range of products for everyone. You can join as a member and build a strong network or even gift your clients with Oriflame products. Well, if you want a free catalog and a sample product, please sms me or write to me. I would surely join you guys later for trips. But, surely will promote WOW.YOU can contact with me on my cell +91-9953100432.


  8. Hi!
    I am from Mumbai,
    I am interested in joining the group. Please let me know your forth coming india & overseas tour,



  9. Dear Sumitra,
    I have been enviously reading about WOW for some time now. Boo hoo – you guys don’t operate in Delhi and its environs. Met Shobha Mohan a few days back and both of us wowed about you!
    Are you planning anything at all – this side of the Yamuna. I am a part time Tour Manager for Inbound tours. Would love an opportunity to work with you – start a WOW franchise here in North India. Or have you done that already.


  10. Hi

    I have been reading about WOW and Sumitra on the web with fascination. I am one of those ‘urban, well-off, single’ women and am keen to join the gang of girls at WOW. I have only just moved to Mumbai and am looking for things to do on my weekends. Is there something happening in and around Mumbai? I’d love to be a part of it.

    May WOW bloom and grow forever

  11. HI WOW ians
    Nice to know that there are many sharing with me the same passion to travel.Just let me know if something is happeneing in Coimbatore. A get-to-gether may be. I would also like to join on tours in future.

  12. hello ladies

    i heard about wow on in 2008. I guess read about it.
    I have some queries.

    i have a person and a friend in australia who manages my travels abroad.
    ususally its with my husband.
    but i read the blog and the pics and this surely seems to be a great option. to travel with women. I would love a change.

    i have some queries:
    Would you be kind enough to answer them for my satisfaction?

    1. do you have a place in Ahmedabad and in kolkata where i can meet up with friends? I am married in kolkata and need some good lady friends.

    2. i understand that we are all included in an all women group. so is it so that we always have to stick to the group. is every thing a group activity? Or can we take out a short time off for a single activity, like shop, adventure or meet up with a friend and return to the safety of the group?

    3. do we know before hand who our group members are going to be?

    4. Can i also deviate sometimes from the itinenary miss?

    looking forward to answers


  13. Hi,
    I was just browsing through your website and I got really interested.I am a teacher from Kolkata.Do you have a WOW group operating from Kolkata? Or you know of women from this city keen to join Wow?It will be nice if we could get together and plan something.
    Do write back and let me know.In the meantime happy travelling!

  14. Hey Sumitra

    I just got to know of the WOW group while i was browsing the met . And i a ma so thrilled . I an a single working woman and i luv visiting places . Travelling and sight seeimg is my boggest passion but sadly i really do not finf friends who have the time to join me. Would like to be a memeber of wow and try to fulfill my dteams.. I stay at Kochi, kerala and do let me know if any trips are planned in South India

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