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Wine, women and wanderlust

Caught up with a bunch of interesting women at Sumitra Senapathy’s WOW get together on Saturday evening in town. I got there late after battling heavy Bangalore traffic (okay, the usual!) but there was still quite a bit of wine left 🙂

I’ve written about WOW before so I won’t go into details again.

But if you’re interested, her travel schedule in 2008 looks like this:

If you want more information on WOW, you can call Sumitra on 09891655054.

I met a lady called Poorvi who came up to me and said she had first come across WOW on my blog and that’s how she landed up going on a trip with them. Also caught up with Anuradha, who’s quit work and looking rather happy right now! And a very spunky Radio City producer called Pooja (who said she’s read my blog once 🙂 who regaled us about her Sri Lanka trip in great detail and had us in splits!

The theme of the evening was pink and it was interesting to see almost everyone in some shade of pink or the other. Some came fully embellished with accessories in pink too looking really pretty! Unfortunately, I’m not a pink person and possess all of one apparel in pink. So I managed a white kurta with some very “blink and you miss it” pink flowers! The best part was this photographer who landed up at around 930 when everyone was getting ready to disperse. Pg 3 he declared and was surprised that this party was getting over so early 🙂

All in all, a great fun evening and I wish I’d gotten a little earlier. But next time!


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