While a few bloggers have had troubled times lately, there are others who have had positive experiences through their blogs.

The Rediff Blog Meet got off to a rocking start with bloggers mingling at Bandra Bandstand on Jan 2, Delhi bloggers met on Jan 11 at TGIF and the Chennai bloggers will be meeting on Sunday, Jan 18. The Kolkata meet is scheduled for Feb 8. The majority of the bloggers host with Rediff Blogs, with a sprinkling of Blog City and Blogdrivers (and a few Blogspotters and independents). It’s especially nice to see the popularity of Rediff Blogs, a service that was fun being associated with. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord was cut when I left the company. But…

Make sure to read some of the posts on the meet and go through the pictures in case you missed the action in Mumbai and Delhi. And if you’re in Chennai and Cal, there’s still time. Hyderabad is strangely quiet…

It’s nice to see many friendships spring up among people of such diverse backgrounds. I guess that’s one point that really brings bloggers together. The fact that many of them connect in real life after forming their initial bonds online. And that’s only the beginning. It makes up for some of the unpleasant happenings that crop up in blogland.

2 thoughts on “Let the good times roll

  1. I think much hue-and-cry is made over bloggers quitting (and they mostly quit for a while). Trinetra has been back, Mediaah is departing having failed making moolah out of blogging, the purpose with which he started it and as for the poor naughty Melodrama, she has the history of displaying banana punditry before and make melodramatic exits, her activity as a reader (TBFKAM) leaves little doubt she will be back albeit with another pseudonym. In any case she already maintains another dozen blogs so what’s the big deal. As far as the injustice, if you change with your windows open people shouldn’t be held guilty to pass off filthy comments. Stop washing dirty linens in public, keep you private life out of the browser and you can go on peacefully in cyberspace. Moreover, Melodrama blaming the whole blogging community is bad because as far as I could fathom you were ditched by someone you knew personally or atleast very well. It was not that a shady grey personality from the unknown land did something unjust with you. Blogging or not is your choice why make your exit melodramatic every time? It’s like the hero doing a death scene every now and then in a movie.

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