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Look Ma…

…I’ve got myself two awards! (sob, I haven’t won too many in my ‘short’ life). Oh wait, wait… I did win a second prize at a debating competition in school. And first prize at a flower arrangement show (I always had a knack for flowers :-). And I won an award at journalism school (of course, I know it doesn’t show, but let’s not get mean here, okay?). But getting to the point…

I’d like to thank my family (sob! sob!), my friends who have supported me every single step (so what if they don’t read my blog?!), my old school mates (and so what if they ingore my emails?), my newspaper vendor, my bai, all those who made fun of me in college (sob! sob! sob!), the love of my life, (and this may or may not be my husband 😉 my computer and… hang on, hang on… my cat, who inspires me to try harder every day…

Thank you, thank you.

(Big Sob!)

(Congratulations to all the other winners. Jivha, Lazy Geek, Franklin, Rajesh Jain, Suman, Mahesh, Alpha, Charukesi, Alok, Venkataramanan, Chakra and Raj)

I also owe Vaijayanthi a prize, so I better get started.


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