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Music, momos and mom!

A lovely weekend.

Went for my first guitar lesson on Saturday morning.

Had friends over for dinner on Saturday night. Nearly everyone got lost trying to find our new place. Someone commented that they thought they were travelling to Pune! Cooked too much food. Belatedly, I realised I could have fed another 13 people. And our friends aren’t as young and hungry as they used to be either! Have enough food to last for the whole week now.

If you’re coming this side of town, please do drop in 🙂 We’re bound to get tired of eating the same thing all of this week! On the menu: delicious momos (supplied by my cousin who takes orders), chicken wings and drumsticks with mushroom and baby corn (cooked Chinese style), moong salad, bangda fish fry, pomfret curry, chilli paneer, egg and potato delight (cooked by hubby after much persuasion :-/), dal and pulao. And then topped off with ice cream and custard.

Went out on Sunday to watch the really violent Tarantino flick, Kill Bill, Volume 1. QT never ceases to amaze. The one thing that is constant about him is his unpredictable style of filmmaking. And one gets a big dose of it in his latest endeavour. He must have a really gruesome imagination, I think. In fact, after a few minutes, the violence starts seeming run-of-the-mill – like something you encounter everyday – heads chopped off, limbs disembered, bodies decapacitated and fountains of blood everywhere. Eeks. And at the end of the two hours, she’s only killed two out of the five on her list. My last word: Watching Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu are totally paisa vasool!

The other movie I really want to watch is Love, Actually. Unfortunately, no one else I know wants to see it 🙁

Still waiting for the phone guy to land up. Meanwhile, went to check out Reliance’s connection, which offers Internet access. It works out a little expensive at about Rs 24 an hour. And there have been such bad reports about their service that I’m thinking twice about going in for it. Has anyone tried connecting from a Reliance phone? I’m wondering if anyone has first hand experience…

Meanwhile, Mom arrives from Guwahati tomorrow to spend a month with us. So I’m going to be on good behaviour now 🙂


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