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The KTM is upon us…

The Kaveri Trail marathon is finally here (it also came much sooner than I thought!).

On the scary side, I haven’t run in more than two weeks. My travel put my schedule out of order and I’ve been rather lazy in the mornings too. So I’m not in the best of conditions, but then I did sign up for it, so I have to keep my commitment 🙂

Here’s the gang at the pasta dinner with the RFL gang last evening at Herbs and Spice. But please note that some of these gorgeous women are not even runners ;-p

From Misc

So I happened to make this comment.

“But you’re not even a runner,” I pointed out to one of them.

“But darling, I have a great body already. I don’t need to run,” she replied, tongue-in-cheek.

Dang! Women, I tell you. And these are my friends. Heh.

Time to tuck in a quick dinner and crash! It’s going to be a long day tomorrow….


  1. After watching the picture of your article, I am feeling so hungry. But friend if you take it regularly you lost your great figure very soon, so for having a great body you should do exercise regularly.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you are still going without TV? When I googled a year without TV yours was the first one that came up. I went without TV for a whole year and found out a lot about myself, also decided to do this crazy quest I am on now to trade up from Donald Trump’s paperclip up to an SUV. Was wondering how the TV less journey was going?

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