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A 100 day challenge: Fitness, food and a few important things

When visiting Stephanie last month in Switzerland, she and I reminisced about when we met and how we met. We actually met through our blogs! I was quite active on blogger at that time, having discovered blogs around 2002. I found some correspondence between us dating back to 2004, but we might have connected even before that time frame. We were both prolific blog writers—Stephanie wrote a lot about her experiences in India and that’s what got me interested (why would someone leave paradise, a.k.a. Switzerland, and spend a year in India?!). I used to write a lot of ‘diary’ like posts about life in general, my travels and experiences. Over the years, I’ve lost that habit (of writing on my blog regularly, not writing for work, which is my bread and butter!) and I still remember it feeling so good to just write. It didn’t matter what the topic was—and I didn’t have reservations about writing about what I ate for breakfast or what I did for lunch. It was my blog and I …

Mammoth Lakes Adventure: The Walk

This picture pretty much sums up the challenge that lay ahead of us. The swim was done and I had survived the biking – it was now time for the final leg. A couple of days ago, on the way to Mammoth Lakes, we took Tioga Road that goes past Tuolomne Meadows and then reaches the top of Tioga Pass. From there, we descend towards Lee Vining. This is the same road that we’re going to be walking. Except in the opposite direction. So I’d already had a glimpse of what I’d signed up for. When I estimated the number of hours when I signed up for the event, I thought 4 hours. On day 3, I wasn’t so sure. I had survived the swim and the bike ride. And walking or running after biking is always the toughest for me. I was glad I wasn’t doing it all in the same day. (At least, not yet!). The Tioga Pass Run/Walk is advertised as 12.4 miles and “one hill”. The walk/run had 3,162 feet of …

Why TRI: 9 fun reasons you should give multi-sport a spin!

I have an admission to make upfront. I’m not an athlete. Never have been. And possibly never will be. In the real sense. I mean you know the type. On the cover of Runners World magazine; rippling muscles, lean body, long strides. On Bicycling magazine, aero dynamic, serious “I mean business” look, lean, astride well-oiled machines, showing off incredible calves and toned arms. No, I am not that person. But what I lack in athleticism, I make up for in enthusiasm, curiosity and “I want to try everything” attitude! I want to be the best I can be. I don’t want to spend my life wishing I had tried (or “tri’d” for that matter). Wishing I’d done this. Or that. Or basically… wishing! In March this year, I began training with a group to complete my first sprint triathlon on June 28. A sprint is the baby of the group, followed by longer distances like the Olympic, Half-Ironman and the Full-Ironman and other distances in between. While the distances were small, for me it was …

Girls on the Run: Second edition

The second edition of Girls on the Run (we had the first one last year) organised by Runner Girls India was held on March 28, 2010. The GOTR is a series of running events and the aim is to increase their frequency. This time around we had Decathlon, Kalenji Club, Forum Value Mall and OnMobile as our partners. The run turned out to be quite a big affair that saw nearly 150 girls participating in the 5 and 10k event. Just going to show that running is on the rise and women are taking to the sport in droves. A really encouraging sign of the times I must say. If you want to be informed of RGI events, do bookmark the webpage – There is also an RGI group page on Facebook that you can join. If you want to join in the next event, do stay tuned! We will have more of such runs in the future… Catch more photographs here! Please follow and like us:

Girls on the Run!

On Sunday, 25 October 2009, join a bunch of us for Bangalore’s first women’s only running event – brought to you by RunnerGirlsIndia (RGI)! Come and run or walk with us! This Girls on the Run event is partnered with YLG Salon and Spa; each participant will receive a YLG Gift Voucher too. We would love to see women coming forward and joining us – and don’t worry if you’re not confident about running – the event is mainly to encourage all of you to get out your shoes and get walking, skipping and just out of bed – maybe to rediscover your love for the outdoors or a reason to walk and run! So drop your inhibitions – you have nothing to lose but some morning sleep – believe me – it’s totally worth it! The directions to the venue are on this page. Don’t forget to send off a mail to girlsontherun at register for the run! Please follow and like us:

Taming the bull – on cycle and on foot!

Our destination: Nandi Hills, located about 60 km north of Bangalore and about 4800 ft above sea level. On top was Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat and the remains of Tipu’s fort still remain. Tipu’s Drop, a 600 metre high cliff face, where prisoners were hurled down the precipice when the king was really angry. Not a place you want to venture close to! If you reach the top early enough – say between 6-9 am or so – you can experience the mist covered hills and drive through the clouds. Please follow and like us: