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The ride of a lifetime: Manali to Leh

Ride of a lifetime

Over 400 kms on some of the worst roads (and no roads in some places) but the most beautiful countryside. Manali to Leh on cycle spanning 10 days and many many breathless moments (both because of the altitude and the sight of the mighty Himalayan ranges!).

The journey took us through lush evergreen forests, green hills and valleys to barren desert-like mountains with not a sight of tree for a whole day. Many a times we had just the river gushing beside us, endless miles of road in front and the mountains fringing the horizon challenging us as we embarked on our numerous climbs.

Spanning many high passes, numerous climbs, bone rattling downhills and some amazingly scenic landscapes made it the ride of a lifetime and a high like no other!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures:

Day 1-3 | Day 4-6 | Day 7-10

And some pictures of the team members!


  1. Anita,
    The pics make one want to drop it all and go to the hills! Awesome trip, and lovely photographs.

  2. Neeta says

    Hi Anita, congratulations on doing this trip! Its absolutely out of the world.. Your pics refreshed my memories when i travelled the same route last August (by car). Thank you! 🙂

  3. Stunning pics. My Ladakh journey has been postponed for a while but I have vowed to go there in the next 2-3 years, god and husband willing :) totally jealous 😀

  4. Krish says

    Very nice. Thank you for posting lovely pics. Could you please post camera details and if possible some tips on how to plan such a trip.


    • @Krish: You’re welcome! I used a point and shoot (IXUS) on the road while cycling. This was easier to carry on me as I didn’t want the weight of an SLR. I used this for most of the pictures. To plan the trip, get a few numbers of agencies in Leh and talk to them. A lot of them do this kind of thing nowadays. We had a support vehicle and a cook who travelled with us. They set up tent every day and we had to reach that point by evening. There are lots of helpful tips online and people who have done it, so I don’t think you’ll find it a problem planning such a trip. If you have specific queries, do email me!

  5. Krish Iyer says

    Hi Anita

    Could you share your bike make, details of kit that you carried, any maintenance problems that you faced on route like chain slips, gear slips,etc., precautions that you took before starting the trip to ensure your bike is in good shape.

    I plan to do Srinagar – Leh – Manali next year.

    I own a Hercules Roadeo Torrent and most of the people say that this bike cannot withstand Manali to Ladakh. I would like to know what’s your opinion on this.


  6. Krish Iyer says

    Correction to my earlier comment: I meant “most of the peo­ple say that this bike can­not with­stand even Srinagar to Ladakh”

  7. Good write up…For some motorbiking enthusiasts, this will help

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