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Ride of a lifetime

The ride of a lifetime: Manali to Leh

Over 400 kms on some of the worst roads (and no roads in some places) but the most beautiful countryside. Manali to Leh on cycle spanning 10 days and many many breathless moments (both because of the altitude and the sight of the mighty Himalayan ranges!). The journey took us through lush evergreen forests, green hills and valleys to barren desert-like mountains with not a sight of tree for a whole day. Many a times we had just the river gushing beside us, endless miles of road in front and the mountains fringing the horizon challenging us as we embarked on our numerous climbs. Spanning many high passes, numerous climbs, bone rattling downhills and some amazingly scenic landscapes made it the ride of a lifetime and a high like no other! Meanwhile, here are some pictures: Day 1-3 | Day 4-6 | Day 7-10 And some pictures of the team members!

Of gastronomy, gluttony and much gladness

It was a different experience in Mumbai this time around – we played tourists to the hilt. When you live in a city, I think you tend to miss a lot of things – fine details you don’t really notice as you rush about your daily work. Like that lovely Church behind Fort where I worked for a year or so – why had I never seen it? The beautiful old heritage buildings in Kalaghoda and Fort – never looked at them closely before. I had little time to stand and stare back then.