This is quite amazing! Instead of sitting around and complaining, this group is going around Chennai fixing potholes.

We definitely need a few Bangaloreans to get onto this. God knows, that after the recent rains, there will be many potholes that need fixing. Interestingly, anyone can take the lead and start it off.

The Chennai I-Fix Initiative

9 thoughts on “Fix it!

  1. Am not sure about the legality of fixing potholes without permission from goverment. tho they might not say anything 2day it cld become an issue if something goes wrong.
    its perfectly fine and good act on one hand, but on the other i think the legality also needs to be checked and worked out.

  2. @sathish: really doubt that! I dont see why the government would be interested in potholes getting magically filled. Besides, imagine the govt suing citizens for filling potholes! Really unlikely, i’d say.

  3. Kris,

    You have a valid point and we had our hesitations on that. Chennai did an estimate of 40 crores to fix all the potholes in the city. Needless to say they arent jumping at it to fix the issues. The city has a shortage of workers for these jobs as construction jobs are much more lucrative and the city has resorted to painting yellow outlines around the holes to warn bikers of holes.

    We spoke to the corporate office, and have been meeting quite a few policemen during out night-outs. It has been very well received.

    Let me ask: what could go wrong?

    I – Fixer.

  4. Yeah, and can someone please take the lead for Mumbai as well. Would be really glad to be a part of it.

    Hello Anita, how are you? I chanced your blog browsing and I must say, quite liked what you have written!

    I am part of a startup venture by three 20-somethings and as part of our awareness campaign, we have launched

    I was wondering if you could take a look at the website and give me feedback.


  5. @ vijay: thanks! you must tell us how it’s done. and is the process very expensive?

    @ shiv: better than sitting around and complaining… 🙂

    @ sushant: thanks 🙂 will check it out!

  6. Anita, You’d be surprised how cheap it could be. For the first initiative, we all pitched money from our own pockets.. came to about 6000 rs, and we filled about 60 potholes.

    There is an entire “fixing procedure” on the I Fix site, for those who want to replicate 🙂

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