It’s a famous place. As soon as you land there, the coracle guy informs us about it’s claim to fame – it was featured in the movie Roja.

I shall have to go back and watch Roja sometime, I make a note.

The Hogenakkal falls itself is quite spectacular, with water gushing out through several channels and falling down a height of 5-20 metres at different places. Since it’s the height of the monsoons when we visited, the river is at its fullsome best, gushing out with abandon and fervour.

a better view

Hogenakkal – The travelogue

8 thoughts on “Weekend trip: Hogenakkal

  1. You most certainly should watch the movie (or at least the song). If there was a movie that celebrates the natural beauty in the Indian outdoors, it was this movie.

    Great pic, btw…

  2. @ sathish: buttermilk? no! didn’t see it anywhere!

    @ sampath: i like b/w 🙂 also, this was taken when my dslr went for servicing and i had a film camera with a b/w roll in it! but there are some colour pics also that i took in someone else’s camera.

    @ Shantanu: i am going to buy it next time i get a chance!

  3. I was at Hogenekkal in April, though no water as u see in the pic at that time, a wonderful experience. Great place to go atleast once in a year. Songs in the movies, ‘Asoka’ ‘Guru’ too was picturised here.

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