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Why have an email address if you can’t handle the response??

The last few days I have been emailing different service providers to find out more about broadband and Internet connectivity. Sadly, there has been hardly any response. It shows the total lack of importance given to the customer. Most of these companies have Web pages, but I doubt they really bother to reply to email that they receive through their feedback forms.

I sent most of these emails/ feedback on the 5th of May.

Via Email
Tata Indicom – No response
Dishnet DSL – Got a response in the morning. They asked me to email my address. Still waiting to hear from them.

Via Web based forms
Atrias Convergence – No response
Reliance Infocomm – Filled up the Web form but couldn’t submit even after four tries
Hathway – No response

Via phone
Touchtel – Left a message on their answering machine. No response.

I’ve had two positive experiences via email. Sify, who got back to me the same day saying that they did not offer connectivity in my area and that they will keep me informed.

I also used the BPL Mobile online form to activate my voice mailbox. It was done in the next couple of hours. I also got an email and SMS immediately. I was pretty impressed! Unfortunately, I have to give up my number this month (which I’ve had for about 4 years and am terribly attached to), since they do not have a presence in Bangalore.

I don’t think companies should put up online feedback/help forms if they can’t handle the response. Or provide facilities like an answering machine, where they promise to get back but never do.

Companies really need to look at how they treat their customers. In fact, I’m surprised by how slack even service people like electricians are because the ‘job’ is too small for them. What they don’t realize is that if they’d done my small job, I’d definitely have gotten back to them for all my future requirements. I don’t think too many guys get that here and that’s why customer service is of such appallingly low standards.

Public companies are worse. You can stand in front of someone’s desk for more than an hour and he/she won’t give you a second look. I’d written about the whole rigmarole I had to go through to get a phone connection organized.

Even with increased modes of communication (phone/email etc) the service levels in general continue to be pretty dismal and frustrating.


  1. the service levels in general continue to be pretty dismal and frustrating.

    I’ve even had trouble getting people to come collect payment for services already rendered…! Mind boggling…!!

  2. In Delhi, I’ve subscribed to a service called Hotwire, that is distributed via cable operators. Erm. Their customer care and service is nothing short of a bad joke. Had no connection, and still had to pay for it, only because of lack of adequate alternatives in the area; ony VSNL. I’ve actually got enough material for an article on what not to do. 😛

  3. Kid says

    Actually I was searching something on Google and google emitted the BLOG of Anita. I just had a look. Found really interesting.

    But while going through Anita’s experience, I found one strange comment from someone named MEHAK, “behna yeh india hai ! yaha aisa he hota hai !”.

    This comment is really bad comment. No one has right to visualize whole India into one frame on the basis of actions of some persons.

    Any how even if India main aisa hi hota hai to, iske kiye jimmedar kaun hai???

  4. Vijay Shinde says

    I complain in BPL gallery also from my prepaid account money is deducting it self

    Last month 8 august balance was rupees 700. When i gone abroad mobile Simm taken out and put another country Simm in my mobile. I come on 9th Sept Mumbai international airport morning 4 o’clock. Try to give call to my home. Not able to give a call because my 1 year prepaid account was expired on 1St Sept it self. I check balance by *100# it was showing only Rs 248 only I shocked, I called from another mobile to helpdesk 555 no I talked some girl/lady. She told they don’t any record for prepaid call user data. Then call again next call center same story they repeating. Then went BPL gallery

    That guy told they give me answer with in 48 hours. But no one gave me reply or call from BPL. I was calling every day call center. They repeated same story no tracking of prepaid account history. I got SMS message a yesterday my grace period is expiring. dear sub u have exceeded validity on your mots card activate today by recharging with Rs425 & get Rs 425 talk time + Rs 425 worth of SMS(local +National). Again I checked balance it was showing Rs 232.69.

    I talked to 555 with Mehul Desai on 14th Sept he me told I will get answer with 48 hours.

    I went BPL gallery at Vashi N. Mumbai, I again logged complain. There also I experienced with in 20-25 minute it deducted from my pre prepaid account. When try to recharge my new refill voucher.


    Vijay Shinde +919821502090 or +919870105038

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