The plotting and planning for the long weekend will bear fruit today, as we board a bus for Dandeli in the evening. I am off for three whole days, which is pretty exciting. The last time I got away for 3 days was the river rafting and trekking weekend in June. From Dandeli, we will make our way to south Goa.

More river rafting, wilderness, jungles, caves, sun, sand, sea and loads of fish fry – get the drift? I hope to resurface next Monday. Meanwhile, do make use of my blogroll to expand your blog adventures :0)

17 thoughts on “Countdown: Zero

  1. Have loads of fun on the trip . And make sure to post some exquisite fotos and a detailed post on the the trip 🙂

    have fun!!!!

  2. You are going to Dandeli? Wow!

    I went to Dandeli/Kali River, White water rafting last year and it was the one of the best experience I ever had! I hope water level in Kali river is optimum for rafting! Have fun and looking forward for the trek and rafting photos! 🙂


  3. Hey. I noticed you’re reading Coetzee’s Disgrace right now. I think it was a well written book, but the characters were just not who I could get under the skins of. The way I could get under the skin of K. in any of Kafka’s works, etc.

    Anyhoo… I think it’s a nice blog.


  4. hey..! i was on the indian bloggers list that u maintain . was wondering……

    1. if u take “co-blogs”

    2. what email id do we send itt o .. i culdnt find one …hehe

    and btw…… NICE BLOG ..!!

  5. and I am sure you must have enjoyed Dandeli.. Dandeli is beautiful at this time of the year !!!

    We rode to mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Chennai, through East Coast Road… amazing road that is…

  6. Bijesh: Not sure if they will be exotic, but will put up pictures as usual!

    Twilight: Caught a bit of the sunset while we were rafting on Kali. Pretty amazing.

    JD: Now you know why I have not had the time to do what you suggested 🙂 Kali was fantastic. They opened one of the dam gates so the rapids were pretty good. Especially the first one and the last one. Enjoyed it immensely!

    He Shoots and Scores: I was reading that book. I gave it up after a while! Must update it soon. You’re right. Couldn’t identify greatly with the characters and couldn’t finish it either.

    Thanks Mehak. Sure did. And Manamba.

    Tox: yes, you can send it co-blogs. You can send it to anitabora5 at rediffmail dot com

    Ganesh: This time we went only for the river rafting. Apparently this is not too good a time for sighting wildlife, so didn’t do the safari. Went on to Goa instead.

    Pallavi: The river was gorgeous. This was my second time river rafting and I definitely want to do more of it! It’s quite addicting! I am sure you folks had an amazing time. That East Coast Road drive is awesome. It’s pretty sad I don’t have a bike or can’t drive one 🙂

    Sameer: Yes, it was. Couldn’t get enough of the sun and sea. The pictures will follow shortly. Good old film processing takes time 🙂

  7. Anita: I guess this was part of Jungle Lodges and Resort, was it? We recently went to Bheemeshwari and had a very bad experience – expensive and impolite staff. Wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.


  8. Hem: I would love to go rafting up North! Hopefully, next year sometime 🙂

    Raj: It was called Old Magazine House. It is actually run by the Jungle Lodges. But there is also a separate Jungle Lodges, which is much more expensive. But this place was okay. About 350 per head. The food was great and was cooked by a Nepali lady. And the staff were very helpful and friendly.

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