I checked out the Reliance wirefree set for Internet connectivity. The connection was really slow, but the guy at the gallery said this was rare and they usually get good speeds. The set costs 1000 bucks, the data cable costs 1200 bucks, and activation is for 800 bucks. And then you get onto a monthly plan ranging from a minimum of 500 bucks upwards. The other option is to connect using my Reliance phone, via a data cable which costs around 3000 bucks.

Does anyone have any experience using Reliance? Before I go in for the connection (seems to be the simplest to get at this point), any inputs regarding their connectivity speed and service will help.

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  1. Well, I do use the Reliance phone to get connected, using its Samsung N-191 handset.

    The speed is good, especially at night, and I have been busy downloading Nirvana and Pearl Jam from Kazaa..sometimes getting download speeds of upto 45 kbp/s. However, there are phases when it’s hard for me to even open my mailbox, which the Customer Care guy says is due to some ‘software updation’. They must be updating the software pretty often.

    I have also noticed that their Samsung phones provide better speeds than the LG handsets.

    Do make sure however, that you buy an original data cable, coz it allows you to charge the phone even as you surf, so technically you can surf as if it were an ‘Always On’ connection.

    The downside is that it costs you Rs.24 an hour, and if you are a heavy user (No..not making fun of fat people), you can run up high bills.

  2. Hey first time here. Well I never knew that Reliance had that option of surfing the net w/o Reliance mobiles. But I think buying a reliance phone and then surfing through it will be quite costly..just guessing.

    But I am sure that Reliance does provide fast connectivity and good speed as well, which will depend on how you intend to use the internet. I have heard that Reliance provides upton 20 KBps in calcutta here, but the speed may vary from region to region as suggested by prasant.

    I read your last post regd other broadband connections from Non-reliance companies. You must be having difficulties regd those companies. Why dont you drop in their office and give them a blasting, which will sure help your cause.

    You know the best, and I hope you will take the most appropriate decision:)

  3. i have a reliance phn… but dont use it to connect to the net … though i have some friends who do .. willl get bak to you on this tmrw

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  5. i would suggest Hathway coz i been using that get around 128kbps 810 per month… unlimited download…. thatz what they provide in mumbai… must be same in other city too

    if u thinking about hathway… be sure not to take .. those .. package in those have data transfer limit.. like 300,500 MB etc etc coz its useless for people who like download stuff … etc etc or use internet much….

    also i use orange GPRS .. its speed is like snail.. 20-22kbps….but okie.. for..its more like “on the move” kinda… they charge around 499 inorder to connect to laptop or comp.

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  7. One of friends who was using it was telling that it is horribly slow most of the time.. and used to run up huge bills because of that..

  8. hey anita ..i’ve been using a reliance cell..but dont use it for net….so dont have much of an idea…though i’ve heard dat speedz pretty gud..

  9. Prasant: What they have on offer is an LG set. Also, the data cable is supplied by them, so I am hoping it is a genuine one! 24 bucks seems expensive yes. It’s much more you’d pay in a cyber cafe. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate anyone else who supplies broadband in my area.

    CC: I would love to do that. But does anyone have that much time? 🙂 And besides that might not help too much either!

    Jay: Therefore, the post asking for suggestions. Unfortunately, I am not having much luck with broadband providers either!

    Rony: No comments :-!

    Puneet: Did try Hathway, but no luck.

    Ritu: Can you send me the details by email? anitabora 5 at rediffmail . com

    Arun: That’s what I am scared of!

    Mehak: Yes, you can actually connect depending upon the cellphone you are using. But it is on the expensive side.

  10. Have heard that reliance internet speed is good and that too from someone in bangalore.. in the hebbal area.

    So have you settled down more or less? what abt kit-kit ur cat? That was the name if I am nt wrong.. 😛

  11. Dear anita,

    More often than not the connection is bad. My friend is experiencing the same trouble. The charges for the authentic software and cable are too high and this has lead to a lot of pirated products appearing in the market all of which seem to be giving the same speed as the real thing. The funniest part is If you take a phone for the Rs 500 p.m. scheme you need to pay (YES PAY!) reliance Rs 3000 to disconnect. Else they will keep billing you. Never in my life have i paid to discontinue a service. Apparently now i have to 🙁

  12. Hey there,

    hows bangalore been treating you?

    Reliance apparently has good connectivity and speeds… more photo journalists tend to use them at match venues to mail snaps… And not one of them has complained… don’t really know about the costs though…

    check out the new blogger 🙂

  13. Anita, going by your last 3-4 posts, you seem to be having a real tough time getting “connected”….

    Hope Lady Luck connects you soon…

    Take Care

  14. Anita,

    When I landed in Bangalore, I was in the same situation as you were. I evaluated all of these ISPs and finally ended up getting a 64 kbps shared LAN connection from the local service provider. It was pretty decent – 900 per month for unlimited downloads. Downloads used to touch 10-12 kilobytes per second at times. The provider did a pretty good job with the service. P2P software worked well.

  15. Nilesh: Thanks. I shall ask my cable guy and see if he provides cable Internet.

    Danto: You’ve been really busy, haven’t you?!

  16. hi,

    i have reliance samsung n191 mobile with data cabel. i want samsung n 191 mobile software.where can i found it??? plz help me

  17. i can’t get one thing the reliance guys are saying that R-connect(internet service) is free upto 30th june.if it costs 24 Rs/hr now ,what does that mean.moreover it is written in there pamplet ,after that period it cost rs 1.00 per minute,means Rs 60/hr.what the hell is going on please somebody help me.

  18. hello friends

    i need ur help .i just want to know that can i get the user’s details like adress and the telephone no if i know her reliance no.if yes than how?

    plz send me the details on my email id it ‘s pareshjm@rediffmail.com

  19. is any body is using reliance phone for data transfering ?. i meen direct phone to phone data transfer ?

    if so please do contact….

  20. Hi,

    I have a reliance mobile,Nokia 2280 i use internet in my office with this but i have lost its software,my problem is that i use internet in my home so pl. provide me a software to install it in my home PC.

    my e-mail id is bhasker.sen@rediffmail.com


    BR// Bhasker Sen

  21. Reliance R-connect is worst !!….i am not even able to open my yahoo mail inbox…guyz pls help me..what could be the reason..i am at gurgaon!!

  22. Hi,

    I have a reliance mobile,Nokia 2280 i use internet in my office with this but i have lost its software,my problem is that i use internet in my home so pl. provide me a software to install it in my home PC

  23. Hi,

    I have a reliance mobile,Nokia 2280 with data / internet cable. Can you provide me a software to install it in my PC.


    Pawan Kumar

  24. sir

    i met a friend in delhi.he has given me his no. Now the problem is that he has lost his mobile. so when i called nobody there to attend that call. sO I NEED his residential address.His no is 9350217207. Kindly send me his residential address.

  25. hi friends
    i have been using reliance internet from past 1yr it works excellent, from past 5 yrs i have been using bsnl pstn dialup, its so slow i used to hardly ablt to open website or browze, but from the time i have used reliance mobile lgrd2030 it works excellent.
    earlier it used to be expensive but now days its very much affordable with freedom 650 plan the total bill is just 650+tax.
    so friends i suggest to go to reliance and see the differnce in accessing internet.
    in india only backbone which can support high speed interet is Reliance.
    Any more quaries can contact me.

  26. Hi,
    Im using Samsung N-191 for my internet connection through usb cable. The download speed is max 15kbs for me while the connection itself is 230.40kbs!!!! why am i getting so slow speed??? how can i get the actuall speed???? is there any program????

  27. Reliance connection is generally very good. But near about from 1 month in the evening time the bandwidth speed is very very poor. I have cyber cafe. so i am facing so many problems. the evening time is very essential for my business. the customer is not satisfied. i informed reliance infocom. then informed me that this kind of problem will continue upto 17th september.

  28. Hi,
    I am using reliance mobile to connect internet for last 2 month. but i have never get high speed. it speed too slow. on calling customer care, they say that this problem is temporary and will solve soon. i am waiting to solve the problem but i am really disappointed from this. formely i used to connect through BSNL GPRS that was some what ok . i had heard that Reliance speed is too good, so i switch to Reliance. but till today it is not on my expectation. i have taken Freedom Plan of reliance for net connection. but till today it has not return real value for my money. i hardly get 2 to 3 megabit in a hour. you people can think that where my money is going.


  29. I’ve been using Reliance R connect for the past 6 months for accessing my company’s corporate network and for normal internet browsing. The speeds are very good compared to a dial up connection. You can never compare this connection with a broadband but this one gives you true mobility! Though I have a sify 256Kbps connection at home, most of the time I find some trouble or other with it. The local sify cable guy has convinced me that customer is not the king in his area!(he is!)

    I stay in Mumbai. The speed is very good at night and not so bad during the day. I’ve used R connect at airports, at home back in Kerala, in Bangalore during business trips – the experience were not that bad.

    The set I use is an LG 2030 mobile phone, data cable, a dell laptop and a human being(me)!

  30. I complain in BPL gallery also from my prepaid account money is deducting it self

    Last month 8 august balance was rupees 700. When i gone abroad mobile Simm taken out and put another country Simm in my mobile. I come on 9th Sept Mumbai international airport morning 4 o’clock. Try to give call to my home. Not able to give a call because my 1 year prepaid account was expired on 1St Sept it self. I check balance by *100# it was showing only Rs 248 only I shocked, I called from another mobile to helpdesk 555 no I talked some girl/lady. She told they don’t any record for prepaid call user data. Then call again next call center same story they repeating. Then went BPL gallery

    That guy told they give me answer with in 48 hours. But no one gave me reply or call from BPL. I was calling every day call center. They repeated same story no tracking of prepaid account history. I got SMS message a yesterday my grace period is expiring. dear sub u have exceeded validity on your mots card activate today by recharging with Rs425 & get Rs 425 talk time + Rs 425 worth of SMS(local +National). Again I checked balance it was showing Rs 232.69.

    I talked to 555 with Mehul Desai on 14th Sept he me told I will get answer with 48 hours.

    I went BPL gallery at Vashi N. Mumbai, I again logged complain. There also I experienced with in 20-25 minute it deducted from my pre prepaid account. When try to recharge my new refill voucher.


    Vijay Shinde 9821502090 or 9870105038

  31. Reliance is terrible! Just got a connection in Mumbai after 4 weeks of complete pain. Now I get speeds of just about 3-5kbps (=> download speeds of 500 bytes/sec!!). Customer care keeps telling me they know of the problem and keep setting a new date for its solution. I was first told 26 Sep, then 28 Sep, then 3 Oct, then 5 Oct. After seeing this site I see this problem has been going on for a while. Should have done my homework!

    Can anyone suggest a decent broadband provider in Mumbai? Was thinking of Hathway. Had an excellent experience with Airtel Broadband in Gurgaon and Bangalore but am terribly sad to hear they don’t operate in Mumbai.

  32. Hello, Anybody out there using broadband service in Trichur District, near Pazhuvil? Do you know any service providers in that area? I am looking for a minimum 150KBps and want to be online for more than 10 hours everyday. Your input in highly appreciated. Thanks and regards

  33. how can i share reliance conection dirct to swith
    now i am using dialup shered from system then using
    anybody know abt direct sharing through hub or switch for reliance intre net conection

  34. when i do open my r world then a message display that r world not ready. my set is lg rd 2030. so please advise me how i come out this problem.thanks and regards


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