Finally caught up on my backlog of pictures and scanned and uploaded them to my online albums. What a feat! Didn’t realise there was so much to do!

Anyway, here they are. The much delayed pictures from the Kerala trip.

These were taken by Steph and me, with her Sony digital handicam.

The journey: Netravati Express from Mumbai to Alleppey

Alleppey: About 2 hours from Cochin, this is an ideal place to laze around, go for long lake rides and do absolutely nothing.

Thekkady: The famous Periyar Sanctuary is located in Thekkady. A day long trek in the reserve is recommended if you want a real feel of the place. And a binoculars to do some bird watching!

Spice plantation: We got an in-depth lesson about our spices by our informative guide (stuff they never taught us in school!). The plantation had not only spice, but also really pretty flowers. Check out the pics!

Cochin: A nice town by the sea. Fort Kochi is where all the action is! And all those Chinese fishing nets. Besides Willingdon Islands from where you get a nice view of the Cochin harbour.

These are a whole bunch that I took with my Nikon Nuvis 751.
Kerala – Alleppey, Thekkady and Cochin
Kihim Weekend, 27-28 March, 2004

31 thoughts on “Warning: Loads of pictures ahead!

  1. Hi Anita,

    I lived in assam from 85 to 88.

    I found Assam is more beutiful than Kerala.

    If you have photos of Assam please put them on the blog.



  2. Just stumbled on this site.

    Nice pics, Those fishing nets remind me of a place in Southern China. The local fisher folks use similar nets.

    – Preetam

  3. Nagendra: I left Assam in 1989 and when I go back its only to visit the family. As a result, I’ve hardly done any sightseeing there. But the next time I go, I will take some good pictures!

    Sakya: Don’t let it remain your fantasy forever!

    Preetam: They are actually called Chinese fishing nets, so I guess South China is where they originally come from!

  4. Hi Anita – I looked through every one of your pictures! I always find that it helps a great deal to look through every single picture in a travelogue – that way you get a much better feeling of “being” there – and immersion into what you were experiencing. It’s really good that you supplied a narrative to every frame too.

    Anyway – it’s obvious that you guys had a great time! One question though: The hotel/cottage at Ambadi – looked really nice! But you mentioned a strange smell at certain times of day? Forgive me for asking what that was?

  5. Jag: Well, at times we thought it might be some kind of a weird flower. But then, it began smelling very much like a septic tank! So in the end, we couldn’t really decide what it really was. Also, the smell would only come on at certain times like the afternoon and evening. And it would be a very strange question to ask the hotel guys. But giving them the benefit of doubt, we are hoping it was some kind of wild flower πŸ™‚

  6. Heh heh – I think I know what you mean! I hope it was a wild flower – the same sort of smell that I get to experience when I leave the house in the height of summer – early in the morning – especially after it’s rained dueing the night before: I put it down to the thick density of plants and shrubs that grow near my house!

  7. hi… first time on ur blog. have heard a lot abt kerela (obviously) and heard that cochin has got the most beautiful beaches. After seeing the pics… jus have to go. Btw what book was keeoin u so engrossed in the pics πŸ˜‰

  8. looks like someone’s really travelling this year! lucky you!

    btw, which digital camera do u have? i want to save myself the trouble of researching on which is a good one and i just wanna buy one. so tell me.

  9. hey anitha

    those pics you have taken are fabulous, even after being in cochin since my birth,i never knew tht my sweet cochin can be this beautiful, anyway it seems tht u have become a brand ambassdor of cochin, lot of people got intrested by ur sweet blogs, i hope steph and u had great time in cochin, am checkin ur blogs after a long long time, u write pretty well, if possible do sent me an e-mail

    take care,


  10. you sure have a way with words – your vivid travel descriptions actually make things come alive – my feet actually ached as you climbed the stairs to the kankeshwar temple ! we are travelling to kerala in july, and i sure will check your ‘travelogue’ closer to date. cheers, and keep posting.

  11. this is wrong place to talk but this only way i could contact….

    i tried emailing you this but its full the mail didnt reach

    this regarding the indian blog directory which u maintain….. urgent

    can u please conact me as soon as possible..

    and if u got

    yahoo messenger then add : puneetworld

    hotmail messenger : puneetrules

    can u please also deleet this after u seen anita

  12. I was in Thekkady in February – beautiful place with excellent spices and fantastic cuisine. My wife and I stayed at Periyar Guest House in the forest reserve and saw wild elephants and boars casually wondering past our hotel. The downside was the corrupt forestry officials and the intrusive monkeys who invade the hotel rooms if the windows are left open. But this didn’t spoil our enjoyment.

  13. Jag: I wish it was a wild flower too. But I don’t think it was!

    Tan: You and Sid should definitely plan it sometime πŸ™‚

    Chetan: Did it look like that? I couldn’t really tell as I haven’t really seen the level before.

    Adi: Definitely worth visiting! And I can’t really remember the book. But I think it was a romance novel πŸ™‚

    LL: I definitely did!

    Niki: Yes, but my travelling days are over as I have taken up a job in Bangalore!

  14. Z: Will definitely add it the next time I update!

    Thanks Jay, Abhi, Delhibrat, Mehak, Patrix.

    Yardboy: I loved the spice plantation and the flowers πŸ™‚ Glad you liked it too. Chennai is way too hot for these kind of blossoms.

    Hi Puneet: Have received your mail and will reply in a while.

    Daniel: I wanted to stay inside the santuary too, but unfortunately the place was fully booked out. Maybe the next time. And I might get to see those wild elephants too!

  15. Just wondering, what do you guys do to earn a living? I want to do everyting that i have seen here on the blog, my work just does not permit me time to do all this. Though i immensely enjoy my work,

    but would still like to go on trips and have pure fun….Help me!!!

  16. Hiya Anita,

    I don’t know how I started reading your weblogs…yes I was seraching for something on the web about B’lore. And what..4hours later, I’m hooked and still reading thru all your links..and more & more getting inspired to get started on putting down my own weblogs. Can you help me in this..or suggest any website where I can learn a bit and start.



    (Newbie to B;lore but enjoying)

    Mostly seen at Pecos at Brigade after 7PM…

  17. Hi there,

    I’m new 2 ritin blogs..u really spend so much time in ritin these..i’m awe struck!

    The blogs r realy good..keep it up!


  18. Hi Anita,

    Nice blog you’ve got here. Fell upon your Blog through Ryze (joined there recently as well).

    Speaking of Kerala, here’s my photo-exhibit from my visit to Kerala few months ago:

    And of course, there’s other photographs apart from Kerala on my website.



  19. the tourists enjoing more than the residents of the place..i am residing in kerala its great to hear from u people that all of you are enjoying our place..


  20. hello anita,

    i am from cochin,currently working in the gulf……i was born and broughtup in cochin…but i realised the splendour of my place ..only when i left it…..sob sob…truely a wonderful place to be….when i see thru pics of urs and other tourists….i yearn to be there…..anyway,nice to learn people from outside are ving a wonderful time in my place…..cheers.wish u many more memorable and happy visits to kerala…..netravati exp gives the best views of kerala countryside side since its passes thru the length of state in daytime……enjoy and thanks for ur kind words regarding my place…..

    BTW…my sister’s name too is anita.


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