And folks, I am not kidding. The answer is: The Forum. Bangalore’s latest happening mall in Koramangala. Now of course, when we set out for this place, we didn’t have clue.

We first got an inkling of the upcoming problem when did not find parking in the basement, first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor…. Whoopee! Finally, finally, we were overcome with joy when we managed to find a parking space on the fifth floor.

Only to find that life was not going to be easy thereafter.

For example, in the bookstore and the music store, there were an equal number of books and music CDs as there were people. No, really.

Now, let me tell you, I have been to crowded places. For heavens sake, I lived in Mumbai and traveled by local trains. But this, I swear by my computer’s hard disk, was the most ‘crowdedest’ shopping place I have ever been to. For example, at the ‘C’ section of videos, there were approximately 200 people going through 200 titles! I mean, where on the planet earth would you see such crowds (except for possibly Dadar)?

I found a little bit of space in the ‘M’ section and in desperation picked up the first people who looked familiar – Jlo and Ralph Fiennes. As luck would have it they made Maid in Manhattan together. Now, I know that’s not exactly a classic, but I couldn’t go to Landmark for the first time and not buy anything? And every other alphabet was taken! Phew, was I glad when we actually found a line that had less than 10 people at the cashier.

Feeling ravenously hungry, we ventured into the appropriately named Transit where there were about 20 food counters and a lot of hungry people. And believe me when I say ‘A LOT’! There were crowds around all the counters and especially a big one around Beijing Bites. The Indian’s fascination with Chinese food has obviously not been affected by the cold political relations between the two countries. If the queues were an indication, it is at an all-time high.

We realized that to get our turn, we would have to wait till the cold war was over so we beat a hasty retreat. And we also realized why the place is called Transit (there’s not much else you can do!).

Now, the question that comes to mind is that where did all these thousands of people (actually it was more like a million) people go when The Forum hadn’t existed a few months ago?

Anybody care to take a guess?

37 thoughts on “Where does the whole of Bangalore go on Sunday?

  1. I discovered that a sizable part of Bangalore also lands up at the new mall “Bangalore Central” (no its not a railway station like Mumbai Central, although the crowds can make you believe that too!) on Residency Road

    Btw, sandwiched between Victoria’s Corner and Dominos’ I wonder if you noticed the lovely Punju joint “kund” ….its awesome if you love the kabab and naan kind of cuisine :-))

  2. They used to overcrowd MG Road, Brigade Road and Commerical Street !!!

    I had the luck of hanging out at Forum just when the buildings were done and there were about 10-15 shops in all. I guess never again shall i get that pleasure 🙁

    But then all this comes with Bangalore – take it or leave it – right ??? 😉

    Cheers ….

  3. Gautam: Yes, heard about the new mall but haven’t had a chance to go visiting yet! Will try the Punju one next time I’m that side…

    Viggy: The thing is that the other areas are not getting less crowded either! But like you said, part of the whole Bangalore experience I guess 🙂

    Mehak: Well going by the crowds that day, I would say we crossed a billion a few years ago!

    Kings man, how the hell could you not know I’m in Bangalore? Sheesh…. well next time. And do email me your number. I lost your card too 🙂

  4. Bangalore doesn’t have many shopping centres. when I was in bangalore, I saw that almost whole of Bangalore goes to the famous Brigade/MG/Residency roads 🙂

    And, with The Forum opening up, these people have got a new place to hangout. I also had an oppurtunity to visit the place when it was relatively new and unknown. Though there were few shops, it was a great experience.

    Also, I had visited the Bangalore Central. It’s not like a typical mall where you have all different shops coupled with a multiplex & a foodcourt etc. It’s more like a Shopper’s Stop type of mall where you can buy all branded stuff under a single roof. But, its certainly worth visiting. The stuff is great there.

  5. I know, I know, I was confused, what with all your travelling around! Anyways, I’ll be leaving the country in a couple of weeks, will mail you the rest. # is 9884040361.

  6. There was a lot of hype for Bangalore Central, so I made a point to visit the same last week… its not that a good place, too much show-off i guess! its just as another shoppin’ complex, nothin’ great abt it! I feel Shopper’s Stop is much much better than Bangalore Central! :D.

  7. Found this place looking for “Bangalore Weekend Getaways”. The Forum’s not exactly what I had in mind but after this review, I’ll check it out. Thanks 🙂

  8. nothin interestin about d mall.i was surprised at the number of great shoppin malls in chennai the last time i went there.huge n posh.bangalore should buck up or chennai will race ahead.

  9. let me first of all congragulate the human beings

    who made this stupid de jokena basate ka uuo de paso la counte mayire

  10. Bangalore Entertainment has come of age.

    The new Bangalore is no way similar to the old Bangalore. Welcome Malls, Hap Junta, even move aside single theater cinemas in the new age of multiplexes.

    Other than the structure of what entertainment means, even the weekend planning has come of age. PVR and Inox have online bookings and even third party providers such as are providing online movie ticket booking for movies in Bangalore for other theaters who can not viably run online ticket booking.

    As we move forward, the emphasis seems to be on spending quality time on a weekend and planning ahead to avoid any uncertainty.


  11. There was a time, not too long ago, when we used to sit under lovely shade trees and sip beer. And that is the very spot where the ugly ‘Bangalore Central’ mall stands today! I am referring to Hotel Victoria, which was the favourite haunt of us advertising folk and epitomised ‘old Bangalore.’
    It was probably the best stress buster in town. Sadly, Bangalore Central seems to have razed Hotel Victoria and our pleasant memories completely from the face of this earth.

  12. I am a us based retailer . Where would you recommend that i open a hip hop urban brand store

  13. Have any of u guys been to Garuda Mall and Sigma Mall in Bangalore??? If you thought “The Forum” in B’lore was something…you have no idea what this is like. Garuda mall is AWESOME! The biggest mall i’ve seen in India!!! Probably 3 times the size of “The Forum”!

  14. gaurda and Sigma are no match for The Forum…its in a league of its own….yea and about the garuda being 3 times the size of forum … it isnt ….. just looks that way …… garuda sux!! its too confusing…..Forum ROX…..shoppers paridise = FORUM

  15. what crap? have u guys been anywhere outside India to talk abt malls and compare… get over it guys… everything sucks big time here and not worth talkin abt…

  16. yow Gk! u’re rite dude… all malls in Blr are not worth a visit… took my nephew y’day to a few malls for a shirt… he has completed 10th and guess what? none of these idiots had any shirt with the size 36 or 37. absolute waste of time…

  17. What are the different places for shopping business casual/formal attire in bangalore?
    1. Forum, in Koramangala
    2. Shoppers Stop on Bannerghatta Road/Near MG Road
    3. Globus next to Forum
    4. Bangalore Central? Is that good?
    5. Lifestyle near Residency road

    How about:
    1. Scullers, Peter England near BSK III Stage
    2. Alan Paine, BSK III Stage
    3. Factory Outlet, Dairy Circle Road
    4. Airport road outlet shop

    Is that it???
    Also, the quality? Is that it??? How about online shopping? Any good sites?

  18. hi,

    I am from mumbai and had been to bangalore about 2 yrs. back and was there for 6 months but had to go to america and was back again in bangalore after a span of 7 months , during my second visit bangalore had changed so much it was not the same bangalore i had seen a few months ago. The new bangalore was even more polluted and populated with all the folks from different parts of india. There were so many new shops and malls with good and branded collections.
    My favourite hang outs like brigade road , mg. road , commercial place were even more crowded on weekends which were anyways crowded by call center guys on weekdays.
    Though i moved out of bangalore i still can feel that love i have for bangalore and the special something about it.

  19. No topics other than malling…dear friends look around, there are many who would want meals a day..take up that issue which is for a cause rather than waisting time and energy on useless topics malling, a single earth quake can bring down your Garuda and Forum, bull shit!

  20. I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne, but in bangalore… i never find any AVRIL’s Video CD. It’s a BAD thing to Bangalore…

  21. Bangalore is a very rocking place…
    On Sundays, the best place to visit is M.G.Road as Brigade Road is the hottest place.
    We can visit Garuda Mall too its very near to M.G.Road…

    I always like to visit these places…

  22. Forum is the only place in Bangalore where I could find all the things, from food, clothes to movies and enjoy.

  23. though forum is the oldest among the malls being talked about here,i still feel it is better than the a student doin architecture i was able to learn and analyse n also compare the malls(especially the forum & garuda)The forum had easy acces to toilets,good circulation,nice n spacious interiors,a plan which is ‘symmetrical’ n hence gives a ‘coplete’ look..whereas the garuda was a step behind in all these thing where the garuda beats forum is with its theatres,its wide range of movies..

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