To my brand new photoblogThe World Through My Viewfinder. Where I will post pictures, paintings and any visual work that might or might not be my creation, from time to time. Starting off with an acrylic painting I did sometime ago. And some pictures taken on Prabu’s camera phone during lunch time, in and around the office premises. Enjoy 🙂

12 thoughts on “Come away with me…

  1. hey my blog stats show a link from your site! but there isnt any 😐

    fluke entry perhaps.. 😛

    been wanting to start something like that photoblog since a long time mahself..

  2. Hey Anita, that’s a coincidence. Even I started a photolog just a few days back. And I too have been posting photos from my camera phone. 🙂

    Anyways, a photolog means we can expect to see more of your lovely paintings, I suppose!! 🙂

  3. Hi Anita, find ur site through a friends page, wanted to check here and say hi..Love ur page and how u do the photblog??is a great idea…:)

  4. Hi Anita,

    A really nice blog you have there! I came to your page through chirayu’s page.

    I’m linking this and your photoblog on my page…

    Its really a nice collection of pictures on your page.

    do include my link on your page too ..



  5. hi anita this is a diferent sathya

    i was at a different address before and now i am at

    list me too, na



  6. Hey! I was just browsing the blogging scene in India and I noticed that they all seemed such fey people! Well, you cannot write a blog without much happening in your life right? Hmm… that settles it.. I am going to enter the blogging scene…

  7. hiii

    Its really Nice theme., glad to know that you are from Banglore., I was recently in Banglore for visit, say Vacation., I m amazed to see all IT gians like Intel, Dale, and also Satya Sai baba hospital….

    Well I m new to blog., Just started blogging

    I can be reached at

    till ten take care



  8. Hello,I love your cat,I no longer have a cat,I have a big blue and gold macaw.

    I live in Houston,Texas and I am also an artist.


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